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Home Office to Home Theatre: DIY TV Lift Projects Add Versatility to Your Space

Touchstone Whisper Lift Swivel TV Lift installed in a kitchen cabinet

With the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak, many of us are working from home for the first time. We are re-purposing dining room tables, guest rooms and couches into home offices and rearranging electronics to be more productive. At Touchstone Home Products, we have seen a recent uptick in TV lift projects and sales, as customers look for versatile workspace setups (or maybe hidden TV ideas for uninterrupted stay-at-home TV binges)

TV Lift Design Inspiration

Blossom TV installs a Touchstone Whisper Lift TV Lift in ceiling alcove

We’ve compiled some of our favorite Touchstone TV Lift integrations for inspiration (and home-bound distraction). For those who like a quick fix, Whisper Lift TV Lifts are easy to mount just about anywhere. For the simplest set up, the Touchstone TV lift mechanism can be attached to a base or directly to the floor behind a dresser or couch for a clever “out of sight” TV. Just tap the included remote control, and the TV quickly and quietly raises into view.

Quick Install: No Mechanism Assembly Required

Joinery and Design Co installs a Touchstone TV Lift in a custom cabinet

Photo credit: @joineryanddesignco

We make it easy to start your project. The lift mechanism arrives fully assembled. Simply attach the TV mounting brackets and secure the TV. The included Universal Quick Connect system features brand-compatible bolts and machine screws to quickly secure your television.

Easy Set Up

This Touchstone installation video shows how easy setup is:

Choose the Best TV Lift For Your DIY Project

Touchstone TV Lifts are available in a variety of sizes to fit most flat screen televisions. Drop down, pop up and swivel capabilities are available.

Support When You Need It

Our tech team is available by phone, email or live chat to help you find the best TV lift for your needs. The team has also created product support videos for common questions like how to pair the universal IR remote. Learn more

Make Good Use of a Half Wall

Customer Luke shares his TV lift installation in a half wall:

Turn Your Porch into a Home Theatre

Customer Ron is the envy of his neighborhood with this outside porch TV:

Don’t Block the View

This Touchstone TV Lift at a California film and music production studio recedes into the cabinet for an unobstructed view outside. 

Hidden Cabinet by @Joineryanddesignco

We love following this Touchstone TV Lift project by @Joineryanddesignco on their Instagram story.

Watch it now: @Joineryanddesignco Instagram

Kitchen Time

For those working at a kitchen island, when it's time to wrap up the work day, push the remote control and bring up the television.

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