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Backyard Oasis: Outdoor Living TV Lifts and Electric Fireplaces

Touchstone TV Lift Mechanism installed in Tropicana Outdoor Living BBQ Island

Create your own backyard oasis with some easy additions from Touchstone Home Products. Watch a movie or big game from the comfort of your own outdoor tiki bar. Versatile Touchstone TV Lift mechanisms can be installed in a weatherproof enclosure on a patio, within a cabinet or outdoor kitchen / barbecue island.

Custom BBQ Islands with TV Lifts by Tropicana Outdoor Living

Tropicana Outdoor Living in San Dimas, California uses Touchstone TV Lifts in many of their custom BBQ islands. Check out some of their recent outdoor living projects:

Tropicana Outdoor Living Custom BBQ Island with Touchstone TV Lift mechanism
Tropicana Outdoor Living Custom BBQ Island with Touchstone TV Lift Mechanism
Tropicana Outdoor Living show room with BBQ island and Touchstone TV Lift mechanism

Tropicana Outdoor Living showroom, with a custom BBQ Island and TV Lift on display. 

Touchstone Customer Jeff's Whisper Lift Pro Outdoor Integration

Customer Jeff can grill and watch TV with his custom built barbecue island. 

Customer Jeff uses a Whisper Lift Pro to add television to his outdoor grilling area.
Customer Jeff's amazing view and cleverly-built outdoor entertainment area featuring the Whisper Lift Pro TV Lift
Customer Jeff's Whisper Lift Pro TV Lift integration into the outdoor barbeque area.
Customer Jeff's brick enclosure for the TV Lift mechanism 
The inside of the enclosure for Touchstone TV lift mechanism in outdoor barbecue area.
Details of Customer Jeff's Whisper Lift Pro TV lift outside installation. 

More Touchstone Outdoor TV Lift Installations

We are always inspired by the creativity of our customers. 

Touchstone customer Karen's Whisper Lift TV Lift in outdoor barbecue countertop

Customer Karen's outdoor patio with a built in TV lift mechanism. When the TV is in the down position, the metal top offers a convenient serving surface. 

Outside tiki bar with Touchstone TV Lift Mechanism

A Touchstone Whisper Lift TV Lift mounted to the top of the tiki bar roof by customer Chris. 

Choosing the Best TV Lift Mechanism For Your Project

We carry a wide variety of TV lift mechanisms to fit just about any outdoor or indoor installation. 

Outdoor Fireplaces For Your Backyard Oasis

When you want to chill by the fire, but don’t want to tend a fire pit, you can truly relax with the Touchstone Sideline® Indoor / Outdoor Electric Fireplace. Easily adjust the flame display and heat settings by remote control. The fireplace can be recessed into a patio wall or other enclosure. This cool-to-the-touch, outdoor LED fireplace is ideal for all-around use and is popular in areas with wood burning bans or frequent windy conditions.

Customer Judy's outdoor Sideline Electric Fireplace in the sunroom.
Customer Judy's Sideline Outdoor Electric Fireplace adds ambiance to the sunroom.
Touchstone Sideline Outdoor Fireplace flush mounted to the patio wall

The Sideline Outdoor Electric Fireplace can be inserted in a patio or garden wall in an enclosed outside area.