Touchstone Smart TV Lift Setup

Touchstone app for smart TV lift Touchstone mobile app for smart TV lift controls

Using the Touchstone® App

Control Your Touchstone® Wi-Fi Enabled Smart TV Lift with Your Mobile Device

Start here for connecting your Touchstone® Smart TV Lift to the Touchstone Fireplace App, Amazon Alexa® and Google Home®.

  • Is your Smart TV Lift WiFi Compatible? On the reverse side of the Smart TV Lift wired remote control, if you see the name TS Wired Controller with WiFiyou are ready to go.
Look for the TS wired for WiFi label on the back of the Touchstone TV lift

  • Just a reminder, connecting to the Touchstone Fireplace App or using Amazon Alexa or Google Play is not required for standard operation. Our included remote will handle all the functions of the Smart TV Lift.
  • Questions about compatibility? Scroll down for a summary of compatible Smart TV Lifts.
  • Note, some Whisper Lift II Smart TV Lifts now have the same WiFi Compatibility as SRV & Valueline Smart TV lifts. If you are looking for guidance on connecting your non-WiFi Whisper Lift, click here. 

Start here: Get the Touchstone Fireplace App

Touchstone TV Lift mobile app



Set Up the Touchstone Fireplace App

Once you've downloaded the App, open the Touchstone Fireplace App, tap “Sign in” to register an account. (The app can be used as a “guest”, but you limit functionality). Follow the app instructions to set up, register an account, and sign in to the app.


  • The Touchstone Fireplace App will also request to access Bluetooth devices. This enables simple product pairing through the app’s Bluetooth pairing.
  • The Touchstone Fireplace App will not be fully functional without these permissions.
  • The Touchstone Fireplace App is the app used for our Smart TV Lifts as well as Fireplaces.
  • Your phone will request permission for the “Touchstone Fireplace” to find and connect to devices on your network. 

Add Your Touchstone® Smart TV Lift to the Touchstone Fireplace App

For SRV and Valueline Smart TV lifts purchased after March 2023:

  • After having signed-in or created an account, add your device using the simple Bluetooth pairing. The Bluetooth pairing easily finds your powered-on TV lift.

If you are looking for guidance on connecting your non-WiFi Whisper Lift, click here

Need more help? Refer to the Touchstone Quick Start Guide for step-by-step instructions. 

Set Up your Touchstone Smart TV Lift for Alexa or Google pairing

  • You can use your Touchstone Smart App to connect your Smart TV Lift to Amazon Alexa® or Google Play®.
  • An important first step in using your fireplace with Alexa or Google is to change the device name to the word or phrase you will use for voice commands, i.e. Alexa, turn on the Touchstone. You must use your designated phrase, i.e. touchstone” in your voice commands for Alexa and Google Home to control your smart tv lift. See more about voice commands below.
  • Once you’ve paired the smart tv lift in your app, it is easy to walk through Alexa or Google Home pairing by clicking on your smart tv lift in the app, clicking on the “edit” icon in the upper right corner and then selecting Alexa or Google Assistant icons under “third party control. Have your Alexa or Google Home login ready.

Using Alexa and Google Home Voice Commands:

The Alexa and Google Home compatibility allow you to use voice commands to control your fireplace when paired using the Touchstone Fireplace App.

Examples: Raise and lower your Smart TV Lift
Google Home Voice Commands for your Smart TV Lift
"Hey Google, raise Touchstone"
"Hey Google, lower Touchstone"
"Hey Google, pause Touchstone"

Amazon Alexa Voice Commands for your Smart TV Lift
"Alexa, raise Touchstone"
"Alexa, lower Touchstone"
"Alexa, pause Touchstone."

Which Smart TV Lifts are compatible?

Touchstone Smart SRV Smart TV Lifts with WiFi connectivity include:

For customers using Whisper Lift II TV Lifts purchased before January 2024, or current Whisper Lift XL 23601s, you can find pairing instructions using a Smart Switch/12v trigger automation with Alexa or Google Home here.