Choose the Best TV Lift For Your Project: Touchstone TV Lift Model Comparisons

Our team is here to help you choose the best TV lift mechanism for your project. Available in a wide selection of sizes and features, Touchstone TV Lifts offer versatile pop up and dropdown hidden TV solutions.

Compare Touchstone TV Lift Models

Compare Touchstone TV lift models to find the product to fit your needs.

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TV Lift Features and Accessories

Flat Top Lid Mount Flat steel plate that attaches to top of lift. Cabinet lid or ceiling material attaches to this plate and moves with the lift.
Roller Top Roller on top of lift that pushes lid open when lift is raised.
Add-On Component Shelf Component shelf that attaches to lift and raises/lowers along with the TV. Components, like cable/satellite TV boxes, DVD players, can be placed on shelf for easy access.
Wired Controller Controller that is connected to lift to control the lift.
Wireless Controller Wireless remote control for controlling lift. Available in RF (radio-frequency) and IR. RF (Radio Frequency) – operates WITHOUT direct line of sight IR (Infra-Red) – operates WITH direct line of sight
IR (Infra-Red) Controls Receiver sensor provided with lift that plugs into lift control box and raises/lowers lift via infra-red signal received from universal infra-red remote controls that can be paired to lift.
12v Trigger Controls 3.5mm receiver port in control box that senses an input of 12volts provided by an outside source. Typically referred to as “contact closure”. Constant 12v applied to port – lift raises Removal of 12v from port – lift lowers
RS232 Controls Serial communication port for controlling the lift RS232 serial communications commands.

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