RV Renovation: Fireplace Inserts and TV Lifts for RVs, Campers and Motor Homes

RV Renovation: Fireplace Inserts and TV Lifts for RVs, Campers and Motor Homes

A few years ago, Touchstone Home Products teamed with RV lifestyle bloggers Katie and Eric at Mountain Modern Life. This talented team outfitted their RV with a custom-built, rustic modern style media cabinet featuring a Touchstone Sideline® 36 Electric Fireplace and Whisper Lift® TV Lift. Touchstone Home Products continues to be a trusted source of RV fireplace inserts and motorized TV lifts for RVs and motor homes. Below, you’ll find some favorite DIY projects from RV renovators.


Touchstone Sideline 36 Electric Fireplace and TV lift cabinet hidden in the RV's custom media cabinet built by Mountain Modern Life

Touchstone Sideline 36 Electric Fireplace, image courtesy of Mountain Modern Life

Easy RV Fireplace Inserts

Designed for easy installation and use, Touchstone Electric Fireplaces are available in many widths to fit compact RV spaces. These efficient space savers plug into a standard 110v outlet or can be hardwired. No venting required, Touchstone Electric Fireplaces can heat a space of about 400 square feet. The cool-to-the-touch fireplaces are pet friendly and child friendly.

Top Marks From the RV Community

Touchstone Electric Fireplaces are highly rated and the best pick for convenience, reliability and ease of installation. Based on feedback from Touchstone customers, here are some reasons why RV renovators love electric fireplaces:

Easy and safe operation: Remote control, timer and automatic shut off.

Pet friendly and child friendly: Cool-to-the-touch front.

All season use: With separate controls for the flame display and heater, you can enjoy the beautiful flames with or without heat in any climate.

Simple installation: Mount to a wall or recess into a cabinet and plug into a standard electrical outlet.

Instant ambiance: The LED flame technology adds coziness and comfort to the RV

Compact sizes for RVs and motor homes: We recommend the 36-inch wide Sideline 36, 40-inch wide Sideline 40, 45-inch wide Sideline 45, 42-inch wide Valueline 42 or 40-inch Forte Electric Fireplace.

Mountain Modern Life RV Renovation with Touchstone TV Lift and Sideline 36 Electric Fireplace.

Touchstone Whisper Lift Pro Advanced TV Lift Mechanism and Sideline 36 Electric Fireplace, photo credit: Mountain Modern Life

DIY Multipurpose RV Media Cabinet with Electric Fireplace and Motorized TV Lift

RV makeovers maximize every inch of space in the “tiny house on wheels.” RV renovators often replace dated dinette areas with multifunctional custom built cabinets that combine a pull out table, an electric fireplace and hidden TV storage. We share some of our favorite DIY RV renovations below.

Touchstone Whisper Lift TV Lift and Sideline 36 Electric Fireplace, photo credit: Explorking

With a focus on reliability and easy integration, Touchstone motorized TV lifts can be found in many RVs. The best selling Whisper Lift Pro TV Lift offers advanced technology including programmable height memory and IR sensor. Easy to install, the pre-drilled base can be secured to the floor or inside a cabinet. The lift can also be attached to the ceiling or top of a cabinet to drop down into view. The lift mechanism ships fully assembled – simply attach the TV mounting brackets.

Touchstone TV Lift Mechanism in a custom built RV cabinet

Touchstone Whisper Lift TV Lift, photo credit: Touchstone customer John

Step by Step RV Media Cabinet and Fireplace Tips and RV Renovation Inspiration

Here are some great instructional videos and step-by-step photos from RV renovators.

Mountain Modern Life RV Media Cabinet

Read more about this project and get helpful tips: How to install a TV Lift inside an RV (and an electric fireplace!)

Explorking RV Media Cabinet

Read more about this project and see step-by-step instructions. RV Media Center with Fireplace and TV Lift

Step by Step RV Media Cabinet by Touchstone customer John

Customer John shared photos of his custom RV media cabinet build at each step. Step by Step: A Custom Built TV Lift Cabinet For the RV

Touchstone Whisper Lift TV Lift Mechanism in an RV cabinet renovation

Navigator in Chief RV Media Cabinet

Navigator in Chief custom RV media cabinet featuring Touchstone Whisper Lift TV Lift Mechanism

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