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We offer business-to-business discount pricing for builders, interior designers, AV integrators, cabinet makers, hotel chains and more. Touchstone Electric Fireplaces, TV Lift Mechanisms and TV Lift Cabinets are easy to integrate into any design at a budget price.

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Our electric fireplace and TV lift experts can help you with your next project. Contact us about bulk pricing, made to order designs and custom finishing.

Impress Clients With High End Details

Add upscale amenities like a motorized TV lift or maintenance-free electric fireplace at a budget cost. Get a great return on investment with our professional bulk pricing.

Electric Fireplaces Available in a variety of styles and sizes to fit every room, from the bathroom to the great room.

TV Lift Mechanisms Top rated for easy installation and whisper-quiet performance.

TV Lift Cabinets An interior designer's go-to-solution, Touchstone TV lift cabinets tastefully hide a TV. Ideal for a room with lots of windows and limited wall mounting space.