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The Best TV Lift Mechanisms For Tight Spots

The slim profile Touchstone TV Lift Mechanism transforms this small bedroom into a home theatre experience.

Our customer service team often hears from shoppers looking for a slim TV lift mechanism to fit in a boat, RV, kitchen cabinet, attic crawlspace or other tight spot. Our seasoned staff knows the Touchstone TV lifts inside and out, and is a great resource for integration questions and product recommendations. The Touchstone team loves following our customers’ TV lift projects from start to finish – and luckily we have a great community who likes to share.

Custom Built End of Bed TV Lift Cabinet

Custom built end of bed TV lift cabinet 7 and a half inches deep with Touchstone slim TV lift mounted inside

Customer Gary recently shared his custom built end-of-bed TV lift cabinet, complete with photos to help other customers with similar space challenges. Gary used the Touchstone SlimLift Pro TV Lift in this project, which has recently been replaced with the next generation advanced SRV 2800 Pro TV Lift Mechanism, featuring 28 inches of vertical travel, a full height of 55 1/8 inches and a slim depth of 7 inches. Learn more about the SRV 2800.

Solved: TV Concealment For a Small Bedroom

The back view of the slim end of bed TV lift cabinet

Gary was looking for a TV concealment solution for a small master bedroom with limited wall mounting space. Gary designed and built a 7.5-inch deep pop-up TV console mounted directly to the bed footboard. He left 4 inches of clearance between the floor and base of the cabinet for a nice appearance and easier mobility around the cabinet (no stubbed toes in the middle of the night).

"The Kind of Cabinet I Imagined..."

Custom built bedroom TV lift cabinet with Touchstone TV lift mechanism

Gary used simple clasps for easy access to the system. He can completely remove the cabinet walls in less than 5 seconds. “I now have exactly the kind of cabinet I imagined — good looking, perfectly functional, quite stable/firm, and very easy to quickly remove,” Gary explains.

Gary shares, “I don’t have any cabinet making experience, but I’m handy, a real DIY’er, thanks to my late dad’s example. I didn’t even start with a design on paper. I just created one piece at a time and figured it out as I went. Not an ideal approach of course. But I had no idea what details would be involved until each step of the process revealed the next details.”

A Unique Solution to a Common Small Bedroom Challenge

Customer Gary's custom built end of bed pop up TV cabinet using Touchstone TV lift mechanism

One of Gary’s biggest challenges was convincing his wife that drilling holes into the bed’s footboard was well worth the upgrade to their bedroom TV viewing experience. With his design, he can easily remove the cabinet and fill the few screw holes in the bed with putty if needed. Gary also mounted a sound bar to the floorboard for a home theatre audio experience.

Touchstone TV lift mechanism in a custom built end of bed tv console />
Inside view of  the Touchstone TV Lift mechanism mounted in an end of bed cabinet
Inside view of a custom tv lift cabinet

Thank you to customer Gary for sharing his unique solution to a common bedroom design challenge.

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