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Hidden Kitchen Storage: How to Install a Motorized Lift For Small Appliances

The Touchstone WhisperLift II motorized lift raises and lowers a heavy Kitchanaid® mixer in the cabinet.

Looking for a simple way to keep small kitchen appliances in easy reach without cluttering your countertop? Heavy or bulky kitchen essentials like a KitchenAid® electric mixer or a large blender are often relegated to a cabinet shelf, making them hard to access. To solve this kitchen storage challenge, Westmount Fine Homes recently integrated a motorized Touchstone Whisper Lift II TV Lift into a kitchen cabinet.

The WhisperLift II motorized lift lowers a Nespresso® expresso maker into easy reach.

Easy DIY Motorized Kitchen Lift Project for Under $500

This kitchen cabinet lift solution is an easy and affordable weekend DIY project. With a few supplies, you can transform a kitchen cabinet into a hideaway for a margarita maker, kitchen mixer or cappuccino machine.

When the project is complete, the appliance will quickly and quietly lower from the cabinet to the countertop with the touch of a remote control.

Let the Whisper Lift II Do the Heavy Lifting

Anyone who has precariously balanced on a chair to reach the top shelf, with a heavy appliance in hand, will appreciate the ease of this DIY kitchen lift.

Fully extended Touchstone WhisperLift II Motorized Lift in a kitchen cabinet

What You Will Need:

1. Touchstone Whisper Lift II TV Lift

Not just for TVs, the hardworking Whisper Lift II smoothly raises and lowers up to 100 pounds in less than thirty seconds. Made of steel, the Whisper Lift II is built for optimum performance and features a single piston actuator, steel external casing to prevent wear and a 5-year warranty. Includes a remote control.

When fully extended, the lift is 68 inches high. Depending on the height of your cabinets and countertop, the Whisper Lift II Pro Advanced TV Lift with lift height memory may work best for your particular needs.

2. Wood base to attach to the lift and house the appliance

3. Screws/bolts for attaching the lift to the top of the cabinet.

Check with your local hardware store to find the best mounting supplies for your cabinet and set up. The versatile Whisper Lift II can be used as a pop up lift or dropdown lift. In this project, you will attach the lift to the inside top of the cabinet for the dropdown application.

The WhisperLift II motorized lift keeps the the kitchen countertop clutter-free.

Clutter Free Countertops

This clever integration by Westmount Fine Homes keeps small appliances out of sight and in reach with the touch of a remote control. The versatile Whisper Lift II can also be mounted to the bottom of a cabinet for a pop up effect. In addition to providing easy access to small kitchen appliances, the Whisper Lift II can also be used to hide a flat screen TV in a cabinet. The lift includes TV mounting brackets.

Watch the Video

Watch the Touchstone Whisper Lift II motorized lift in action in this kitchen cabinet integration.