Touchstone TV Lift Remote Controls

Which TV Lift Remote Control Do You Need?

Need a replacement remote control for your Touchstone® TV Lift or TV Lift Cabinet? Refer to the chart below to determine the remote control model that works with your Touchstone TV Lift model number.

Time to Replace the Remote Control Battery?

If your remote control has stopped working, it could be an easy fix. See the chart below to see the required battery type for your remote control.

Whisper Lift II TV Lift Remote Whisper Lift II TV Lift Remote 23202 1 – 12v23a
Whisper Lift II PRO TV Lift Remote Whisper Lift II PRO TV Lift Remote

23401, 23501, 23601

Legacy Non-Wifi Models

1 – 12v23a
SRV/ValueLine TV Lift Remote SRV/ValueLine TV Lift Remote

ValueLine 30003, 30004 SRV 32800, 33900

23401 Wifi Model

1 – 12v23a

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Remote Pairing Instructions

Most remote control issues are due to the remote control not being paired to the lift.  Re-pairing the remote control to the lift will typically fix a non-functional remote.  Click on the link below that corresponds to your remote to find pairing instructions for your Touchstone TV Lift Remote Control:

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