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Spotlight on Hermogeno Designs | Blending Function and Style with Electric Fireplaces

18 foot tall fireplace accent wall with hand applied black venetian plaster featuring Touchstone Sideline Elite Smart Electric Fireplace, room design by Hermogeno Designs, California

Highly Personalized Interior Design

With an impeccable eye for style and a strong devotion to his clients, Los Angeles based interior designer Mark Hermogeno of Hermogeno Designs has made a big name for himself on the West Coast. The award-winning designer specializes in remodels, as well as kitchen, bath, and whole home design. Mark often incorporates Touchstone® electric fireplaces into his home renovations for easy-to-add ambiance that complements every client's style. 

Focus on Function and Style

The dream team at Hermogeno Designs includes architects, contractors, and other trained professionals who ensure every project is completed with a high level of precision and expertise. Mark takes pride in working one-on-one with clients throughout the entire design process to develop gorgeous and functional spaces that fit each person’s aesthetic style.

Just as Mark incorporates his clients' input on room function into the design, Touchstone focuses on customer feedback to enhance electric fireplace features. We value our connections with the professionals and homeowners who use Touchstone products. Mark recently shared his design philosophy and thoughts on home trends and electric fireplaces with the Touchstone team.

Home Trends to Follow

When asked about trends and finishes, Mark explains, “I always try to pick finishes based on a client’s home and the client’s personality. I never want to put in finishes that clients will get tired of quickly. I like classic but with a bit of modernity -  that way, designs can last for years. I take into account where the project is located as well."

ToBefore and after 18 foot fireplace accent wall by Hermogeno Designs featuring Touchstone Sideline Elite Smart Electric Fireplace

Touchstone Sideline Elite 60 Smart Electric Fireplace in Canyon Country, CA by @hermogenadesigns

Adding a Functional Focal Point to a Grand Room

Hermogeno Designs has installed Touchstone electric fireplaces in home renovations in Santa Clarita, Los Angeles and Canyon County, California.

Mark shares, “I first found Touchstone back in 2019 when I was trying to find an electric fireplace insert for a project during the pandemic. I have used Touchstone for a few other projects since then. Touchstone fireplaces have great features, act as space heaters and most of all are easy to install.”

The Touchstone Sideline Elite Smart Electric Fireplace in Hermogeno Designs accent wall is cool to the touch

The Hermogeno Designs team tests the Touchstone Sideline Elite's heater and cool-to-the-touch glass front.

Mark’s most recent design is an impressive 18 foot tall fireplace featuring the Touchstone Sideline Elite 60 Smart Electric Fireplace. This ceiling-to-floor accent wall is finished with hand-applied black Venetian plaster.

When integrating an electric fireplace into a design, there are a few key features that Mark looks for. “The most important features, I think, are easy control of the units, different lighting settings and remote control,” Touchstone’s high-tech electric fireplaces have numerous heat and color settings that can be controlled with either a remote control, Amazon Alexa®, or Google Home®. With just the click of a button or a voice command, you can fully customize your comfort.

Touchstone Sideline 50 inch electric fireplace in white brick accent wall by Hermogeno Designs

Touchstone Sideline Electric Fireplace in accent wall by @hermogenodesigns

Adapting to California Gas Appliances Ban

Mark’s home state of California recently banned gas appliances due to health and safety concerns. We asked Mark how these policies are impacting the way he designs homes for Californian clients.

“Half of my current clients are concerned with this and are already switching over to all electric appliances,” he said. “So I am keeping updated on the alternatives to gas right now.”

As a safe alternative to gas-burning fireplaces, Touchstone electric fireplaces allow you to enjoy realistic-looking flames without exposing yourself to harmful smoke. They can be installed just about anywhere since no venting or gas line is required. With a cool-to-the-touch front glass, these fireplaces are also safe to have near children and pets.

Touchstone Sideline 60 Electric Fireplace in porcelain tile wall by Hermogeno Designs California

Touchstone electric fireplace within a luxurious matte black porcelain tile wall by @hermogenodesigns

A Great Visual Feature for Any Room

Who doesn’t love cozying up next to flames? Consider adding a fireplace in any room to achieve a warm and inviting atmosphere. We asked Mark about the perceived value a fireplace brings to a renovation or new home build.

“I think fireplaces add great value and interest into a space. It ups the level of the space and adds a great visual feature into any room.”

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Image credits: @hermogenodesigns

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