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As Featured in Open House Magazine: Why Electric Fireplaces Are Cool

Touchstone Electric Fireplaces are featured in the May 2022 edition of Open House magazine

Featured in the May 2022 edition of Open House magazine, Touchstone® electric fireplaces add a welcoming vibe to new homes and vacation rentals. In the article, “The Heat Is On: Electric Fireplaces Are Cooler Than You Think,” New Jersey realtor Denise Petti highlights the rising popularity of electric fireplaces for the “added benefits of being clean, efficient, gas-less, odorless, stylish, maintenance-free and cool to the touch.”

Instant Home Appeal

Petti also touts the electric fireplace for elevating home values and adding appeal to homes staged to sell. Petti shares, “Prospective buyers react favorably to homes that are beautifully staged, offering energy efficiency as well as warm, welcoming elegance.”

Touchstone Sideline Stainless Electric Fireplace adds carefree style and ambiance.

The Touchstone Sideline® Stainless Electric Fireplace can boost your home's value and add on-demand ambiance.

The Right Fireplace for Easy Beach Living

Open House magazine focuses on interior and exterior home design in the desirable community of Long Beach Island, New Jersey area and the surrounding area. This beach region features a mix of luxurious homes, vacation rentals, year-round residences, active adult neighborhoods and home renovations - all ideal for electric fireplace installations. 

How a Touchstone Electric Fireplace Increases Your Home Value 

  • Easy to add to any room, adding an upscale look throughout the home
  • Energy efficient – especially compared to gas or wood burning alternatives
  • Safe to operate with a cool-to-the-touch front
  • Simple to create a focal point without adding a chimney or venting
  • Advanced LED flame technology and WiFi connectivity add modern appeal

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