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Easy Fireplace Accent Wall: Builder Spotlight on Umbarè Home Remodel Online

Touchstone Sideline Elite 72 Electric Fireplace featured in accent wall package by Umbare Home Remodel Online, Lakewood Ranch, FL

Dan Tripoli at Umbarè Home Remodel Online is no stranger to Touchstone’s high-quality products since he frequently uses Touchstone® electric fireplaces for his remodeling projects. He founded this Lakewood Ranch, Florida company in 2006 with the goal to create unique home remodels by using quality products and superior craftsmanship. Fifteen years later, Dan and his wife Jessica are still committed to providing customers with affordable options as well as excellent professionalism and service.

Fun Facts About Umbarè

Fun facts: the name “Umbarè is the sentimental combination of his late brother’s and late father’s names, and the company’s colors (purple and black) represent Alzheimer’s disease awareness for Jessica’s late grandmother and Melanoma awareness for his late uncle, respectively. This Florida company also had its moments of TV stardom, previously appearing on shows such as Animal Planet’s “Insane Pools” and A&E Network’s “Flip Wars.”

Umbare Home Remodel Online features Touchstone Electric Fireplaces in accent wall packages.
Umbarè Accent Walls with Touchstone Sideline® Electric Fireplaces

Why Umbarè Trusts Touchstone® Electric Fireplaces

Umbarè chooses Touchstone electric fireplaces because the top-quality style, easy installation, and excellent performance meet the high standards of their remodeling projects. Touchstone’s variety of models, sizes, and color options can fit any accent wall style their clients may want. Touchstone Sideline Elite® Electric Fireplaces add luxe style and advanced technology with Amazon® Alexa and Google® Home compatibility. 

Touchstone Sideline Elite Electric Fireplace in a gray shiplap accent wall by Umbare Home Remodel Online

Touchstone® Sideline Elite Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Electric Fireplace featured in a gray shiplap wall by Umbarè

Easy to Add Fireplace Accent Walls

Umbarè’s website has complete cost transparency and allows customers to easily shop for their projects straight from their screens. The website sells Accent Wall packages to help Sarasota, Florida area homeowners make easier and more affordable decisions. Both the “Accent Wall with 3D Panels” and “Accent Wall Elite” packages include an electric fireplace with a media center, shelves, and custom accent lighting.

Umbare Home Remodel Online features a Touchstone electric fireplace in this accent wall renovation
Touchstone® Sideline Elite Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Electric Fireplace

Fireplace Accent Walls in the Greater Sarasota Florida Area

Do you want to remodel your home in the greater Sarasota, Florida area? Get more information on accent wall packages featuring Touchstone® electric fireplaces at the Umbarè Home Remodel Online website

For those outside of Umbare's market, we recommend sharing Touchstone electric fireplace specifications with your local remodeler. Precise measurements and drawings are available on the product pages. We have plenty of resources for DIY homeowners and professional builders to build the accent wall of your dreams.