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The Best Electric Fireplaces for Finished Basements

Touchstone AudioFlare Recessed Electric Fireplace in a finished basement  shiplap accent wall by @thriftydecorchick

As one of the top interior remodeling projects with the biggest return on investment, a finished basement adds living space and increases home value. According to the National Association of Realtors 2022 Remodeling Impact Report, a finished basement recoups an estimated 86% of cost when it is time to sell. Homeowners can boost value even more with desirable accents such as hardwood flooring and a Touchstone® Electric Fireplace (pictured above, photo credit: @thriftydecorchick).

Touchstone Sideline Elite 50 Electric Fireplace in white shiplap wall in finished basement by simplymicheleb

Touchstone Sideline Elite® 50 Electric Fireplace, photo credit: simplymicheleb

The Center of a Multipurpose Space

A finished basement is one of the easiest ways to add square footage to your home. With plenty of room for multitasking, this bonus space can be used as an entertainment area, playroom, home gym, home office, home cinema, guest bedroom, in-law suite, storage area - often simultaneously. A simple electric fireplace accent wall can pull all this together and create a relaxing focal point in the finished basement. 

The Preferred Brand by Professional Remodelers

A trusted brand, preferred by professional remodelers, Touchstone® electric fireplaces are well suited for finished basements. Wall insert and wall mount Touchstone LED fireplaces can be added to new construction - or anytime after for a new look.

Touchstone Sideline Electric Fireplace in a finished basement apartment by briemarie1023

Touchstone Sideline Elite® Electric Fireplace, photo credit @briemarie1023

Why a Touchstone Electric Fireplace is the Best Choice For a Finished Basement

1. Versatile installation.

Wall insert and wall mount models can be added during construction or years later for a room refresh. 

2. Takes the chill off.

Big basements can be drafty. The built-in heater adds cozy supplemental warmth to your primary heat source.

3. Year-round enjoyment.

The flame and heat settings work independently, which means you can relax fireside in every season and climate.

4. Quick and easy installation.

Install just about anywhere in the basement - no chimney or gas line needed. Plugs into a standard outlet or can be hardwired.

5. The safer option.

Thanks to the cool-to-the-touch front glass, Touchstone electric fireplaces are extra safe for multipurpose rooms (ex: playrooms and media rooms).

6. Looks real, without the risks of burning wood or gas.

Keeps your basement air clean, without dangerous fumes and smoky smells, compared to wood or gas fireplaces.

7. Wi-Fi connectivity options

With a variety of smart home electric fireplaces, you can easily control the settings with your mobile device using the Touchstone app. 

8. Blends easily with any style.

Create a one-of-a-kind accent wall with any kind of wall covering including brick, tile, stone, textured Roman clay or lime wash paint.

7. Fireplace sizes for every space.

Touchstone offers a variety of fireplace models and sizes to accommodate every space in your basement. A large basement room is a perfect fit for a larger 72", 84", or 100" electric fireplace. If you are building a media room, Touchstone’s Sideline Fury collection is specifically designed to complement popular TV sizes.

Touchstone Sideline Steel Forte Electric Fireplace in finished basement by customer Lena

The Sideline Forte® Steel Mesh Screen Non Reflective Electric Fireplace, photo credit customer Leta

Top Rated for Finished Basements

Review stars

Customer Leta shares, "I bought this for a basement remodel and LOVE it! The mesh screen adds to the rustic decor, and the three colors of flame are so realistic. Plan to purchase another Touchstone for my living room remodel at the end of this year!"


Touchstone Sideline 40 Electric Fireplace installed in a finished basement customer Andrea

Touchstone Sideline® 40 Electric Fireplace, photo credit customer Andrea

Review stars

Customer Andrea also recommends Touchstone fireplaces. She shares, "We got this for the basement to help warm up the space since we have all hardwood. It’s the perfect fit, takes the chill off and adds some great ambiance. Would definitely recommend it!"


Touchstone Sideline 50 Smart Electric Fireplace in finished basement media room by @thisgeorgiaclay

Touchstone Sideline Elite® 50 Smart Electric Fireplace, photo credit: @thisgeorgiaclay

Design team @thisgeorgiaclay shares Matt's man cave media center featuring a slat wall, storage cabinets and a Touchstone Sideline Elite 50 Electric Fireplace. Check out the video to see the finished basement project and the Touchstone fireplace in action:


closeup of the Touchstone Sideline Elite Electric Fireplace LED flames, installed in a mancave media center @thisgeorgiaclay

More Ideas for Where to Install an Electric Fireplace in Your Basement

  • Create a fireplace accent wall with storage and shelves to make the most of your finished basement space.
  • Insert a fireplace underneath a TV in a media room to create the ultimate entertainment hub.
  • Install a fireplace next to your basement table, kitchen, or bar for cozy entertaining.

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