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Top 10 Electric Fireplace Accent Wall Style Trends for 2024

Touchstone Sideline Elite Smart Electric Fireplace in a dining room, photo credit M Five Construction Group, Ohio

We have compiled insight from builders, interior designers and homeowners to create our list of the top 10 fireplace accent wall trends for 2024. Take a scroll through Touchstone Home Products' social media channels, and you are sure to find just the right look. Our top 10 list will give you inspiration for your next Touchstone® electric fireplace accent wall design.

Thanks to their easy installation and variety of sizes/models, Touchstone® electric fireplaces fit into just about any space and match every interior design style.

You can easily add a simple bump out wall to any room, and insert a Touchstone recessed electric fireplace - no chimney or venting needed. Accent the fireplace with a mantel shelf, surround mantel or framing. Create a floor to ceiling feature wall or use half the space for a custom mantel. Choose a wall covering like tile, brick, stone, Roman clay or your favorite paint color to create your dream fireplace accent wall.

Photo credit above: M-Five Construction

Easily Change Up Your Fireplace Accent Wall Style

A Touchstone electric fireplace accent wall also gives you the flexibility to change up the style to refresh your room. You can easily add faux stone or tile to an existing accent wall or simply paint the wall a new color.

For fireplace style inspiration, check out the latest electric fireplace trends fellow Touchstone customers are adding to their homes.

1. Angled Frame Fireplace Accent Wall

Touchstone Sideline 36 Smart Electric Fireplace inserted in a angled mantel by @ourhighlandshome

Touchstone Sideline® 36 Electric Fireplace, @ourhighlandshome

Create a focal point in your room with angled frames, which naturally draw attention to the fireplace.

Touchstone Sideline Elite Smart Electric Fireplace in an angled surround mantel with Roman clay by @follow.us.home

Touchstone Sideline Elite® 50 Smart Electric Fireplace, @follow.us.home

2. Dark and Dramatic Fireplace Accent Wall

Touchstone Sideline 50 Smart Electric Fireplace recessed in a dark gray ship lap mantel wall by @homeonnativetrail

Touchstone Sideline® 50 Smart Electric Fireplace, @homeonnativetrail

Make your room simultaneously cozier and more dramatic with dark fireplace walls. Earthy shades of black, grays, blue and green, paired with wood mantel shelves continue to trend.

3. Stone Fireplace Accent Wall

Touchstone Sideline Elite Smart Electric Fireplace in faux stone wall photo credit @cr8tivewanderlust

Touchstone Sideline Elite® Smart Electric Fireplace, @c8tivewanderlust

Stone walls add a natural, rustic look, providing your home with warmth and comfort. You don’t need real stone (or a wood burning fireplace) to achieve a traditional aesthetic. This wall by @cr8tivewanderlust features faux stone by Qora Cladding and a mantel by Pearl Mantels.

English cottage style stone fireplace by @shoemakesnew featuring a Touchstone Sideline Steel Forte electric fireplace.

Touchstone Sideline® Steel Forte Electric Fireplace, @shoemakesnew

Cottagecore and English cottage home decor styles evoke a simpler time with a focus on nature and handmade treasures. The traditional styled Forte Steel fireplace and over-grouted stone are the perfect combination for those who want this vintage look.

4. Brick Fireplace Accent Wall

Touchstone Sideline 72 Smart Electric Fireplace in a deep charcoal and black faux brick accent wall by @countryrhodesleadhome

Touchstone Sideline® 72 Smart Electric Fireplace, @countryrhodesleadhome

A brick fireplace wall is a timeless classic that never goes out of style. The dark charcoal and black tones of @countryrhodesleadhome's fireplace accent wall enhance the rustic farmhouse vibe.

5. Roman Clay or Textured Paint Accent Wall

Touchstone Sideline Elite Smart Electric Fireplace in a neutral textured paint wall by kayli_renee_jones

Touchstone Sideline Elite® Smart Electric Fireplace, @kayli_renee_jones

Calming textures in neutral colors are everywhere this year - including on fireplace accent walls. Roman clay and textured paint in soothing beiges, grays and browns bring a natural look to any space. The realistic Touchstone fireplace flames add to the relaxed style (and Touchstone's built-in smart home technology adds to the effortless feel).

6. Tile Fireplace Accent Wall

Touchstone Sideline Smart Electric Fireplace in a herringbone tile accent wall by Hemme Construction

Touchstone Sideline® Smart Electric Fireplace, photo credit Hemme Construction and @marketfocusmedia

Tiles offer unlimited design options from popular octagon shapes to herringbone patterns. Large tiles add a luxurious marble or stone look to any room. Hemme Construction meets the demands of new homeowners with an on-trend earth tone herringbone tile accent mantel featuring the Touchstone Sideline® Smart Electric Fireplace

7. Fireplace Surround Mantel

Touchstone Encase Surround Mantel in white fits the Sideline Elite 50 Smart Electric Fireplace, photo credit @karinabbingham

Touchstone Encase® Surround Mantel and Sideline Elite® 50 Mantel Combo, photo credit @karinabbingham

Mantels with clean lines in classic white are a perennial favorite. For those who want a built-in mantel look without the work, the Touchstone Encase® Surround Mantel and Sideline Elite® Smart Electric Fireplace combination is the right fit. The Encase mantel rests on the floor and frames the glow of Touchstone's top rated LED electric fireplace flame display. This portable mantel is also ideal for renters.

8. Board and Batten Fireplace Accent Wall

Board and batten fireplace accent wall with Touchstone Sideline Smart Electric Fireplace by @citylimitscountryfeel

Touchstone Sideline® Steel 60 Electric Fireplace, @citylimitscountryfeel

Board and batten, herringbone and other decorative wood designs give the fireplace accent wall a customized, upscale look. Dark jewel colors including deep blues, greens and reds provide depth to any room.

9. Slat Wood Panel Fireplace Accent Wall

Slatwood panel wall by @heisnerhaven showcases the Touchstone Sideline Elite Smart Electric Fireplace

Touchstone Sideline Elite® 60 Smart Electric Fireplace, @heisnerhaven

Slat wood panels provide a decorative element that can double as a sound-absorbing acoustic wall. This fireplace accent wall harmonizes the room with visually pleasing LED flames and comfortable sound.

10. Neutral and Natural Style

Touchstone Fury Smart Electric Fireplace with natural wood mantel shelf

Touchstone Sideline Fury® Smart Electric Fireplace

The emphasis on textures and natural colors will be a design trend well beyond 2024. From sustainably sourced wood slat panels to textured Roman clay paint, the feel of the fireplace accent wall brings as much relaxation as the look.

Lime wash paint is another popular (and easy) fireplace accent wall covering. This natural limestone style adds a powdered marble effect with a gentle matte finish.

Cool-to-the-touch Touchstone electric fireplaces fit right in with this focus on feeling good. Calming neutral and earth tone colors bring balance and instantly update any space.

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