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Father Daughter DIY Team Builds a Modern Coastal Fireplace Accent Wall

Touchstone Sideline Elite 50 Smart Electric Fireplace in a modern coastal style shiplap accent wall by @peonyandhoney

Thinking about a do-it-yourself electric fireplace accent wall project? Check out this heartwarming Touchstone Electric Fireplace feature wall built by design maven Erika @peonyandhoney and her father. Sure to inspire, this modern coastal style shiplap bump out wall features a 50-inch Touchstone Sideline Elite Smart Electric Fireplace.

Their Second Touchstone Fireplace Installation

Erika’s parents recently moved into a newly built home and wanted to add a fireplace in the living room. Already fans of Touchstone’s easy-to-install electric fireplaces, Erika and her dad chose the Sideline Elite as the focal point. Erika shares, “This fireplace is seriously stunning - the flames and logs are so realistic!"

Touchstone Sideline Elite Smart Electric Fireplace side view shiplap accent wall by @peonyandhoney

The “dynamic DIY duo" previously built a slat wall featuring the Sideline electric fireplace. For this new project, the “dynamic DIY duo” used build plans from fellow Touchstone collaborator as a starting point.

@peonyandhoney framing and installation of painted shiplap for the fireplace accent wall featuring a Touchstone Sideline Elite Smart Electric Fireplace

"Top of the List of My Favorite DIY Projects"

From start to finish, the Touchstone team loves seeing the DIY project progress from the initial plans to the beautifully styled accent wall. Erika explains, "You can put this at the top of the list of my favorite DIY projects I’ve ever done - not only did I get to use the tool skills I’ve learned over the last few years, but I got to do it all with my dad for my parents’ home."

Touchstone Sideline Elite Smart Electric Fireplace accent wall under construction and completed by @peonyandhoney

Bringing Families Together

At the heart of our brand, Touchstone Home Products, Inc. is a family business. We love to see our products bring other families together. Erika shares on Instagram: “Dropping everything I have going on in Ohio at my house for two weeks to come to Illinois and help my dad with this faux fireplace build was a no brainer considering all my parents have done for me in my life...I’m so proud of our work and happy my parents get to enjoy this gorgeous space in their home!”

Watch the Fireplace DIY Accent Wall Progression

A big thank you to Touchstone collaborator Erika and her dad for showing how easy it is to install (and enjoy!) a Touchstone electric fireplace.

Video and photo credits: Peony + Honey

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