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Girls Weekend DIY Project Roman Clay Electric Fireplace Accent Wall

Best friends build a Roman clay fireplace accent wall featuring Touchstone Sideline 45 Electric Fireplace

Best friends and DIY enthusiasts, Astin and Michelle celebrated a fun girls' weekend with a faux fireplace accent wall DIY project featuring the Touchstone Sideline® 45 Electric Fireplace. Astin flew from Texas to California to help her bestie build a Roman clay faux fireplace surround.

Cut Once, Measure Twice

Because of their tight schedule, this DIY duo built the fireplace accent wall before the Touchstone electric fireplace arrived. They relied on Touchstone's detailed and accurate line drawing and installation instructions to measure and build the frame. “This actually worked out really well because the measurements were perfect and easy to read on the site!” Astin shares. 

“…Their customer service was amazing and their products are gorgeous and high quality! The fireplace insert did arrive the very next day as promised by the amazing Touchstone rep!”

Touchstone Sideline 45 Electric Fireplace line drawing and specifications

The Touchstone team physically measures the electric fireplaces to make sure the line drawings and specifications are accurate. We know the painstaking part of any project is measuring and calculating, and every eighth of an inch counts.

"Teamwork Makes the Dream Work"

Best friends build a Touchstone Sideline 45 Electric Fireplace accent wall

Building a strong foundation, Astin and Michelle used 2x4s on the back to attach the fireplace to the wall studs. They built the surround using plywood, pocket holes and glue.

DIY Faux Roman Clay

The friends mixed joint compound and paint to create a faux Roman Clay look at a fraction of the cost. This method gave them the option to try different colors to create the perfect hue. 

They added a darker paint for the second coating, sanded it down, and then sealed it with matte polyurethane.

Preparing the Touchstone Sideline electric fireplace wall with Roman paint

“If you don’t get the color right the first time, that’s okay! You will be adding more layers so you can play around with the color till it’s perfectly what you’re envisioning.” Astin explains. 

The Best Fireplace Insert for the Perfect Fit

With the accent wall ready for the Touchstone Sideline 45 Electric Fireplace insert, Astin returned to Texas. When the fireplace arrived, Michelle easily plugged the fireplace into the electrical outlet and secured it in the perfectly sized opening. 

The fireplace insert opening sized perfectly for the Touchstone Sideline 45 Electric Fireplace

Michelle kept Astin up to date with the project progress. “She said she couldn’t be happier with this fireplace insert. It’s gorgeous and puts out a good amount of heat when the heat setting is turned on. This was the perfect touch to warm up her living room and that back wall is now designed perfectly!”

Touchstone Sideline 45 Electric Fireplace in finished Roman clay accent wall by @yourlifeiswhatyoumakeit

Project Inspiration: What Can You Do in a Weekend?

Ready to start a project with your bestie? Check out the Instagram reel  @yourlifeiswhatyoumakeit and see the weekend project progression.


Read Astin’s full blog post with detailed step-by-step instructions: Faux Fireplace Build With My DIY Bestie!

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