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Best for Your Smart Home: Wi-Fi Enabled Electric Fireplaces and TV Lifts

Touchstone wi-fi enabled Sideline Elite Smart Electric Fireplace is easy to add to your smart home hub

"Alexa, turn on the fireplace.” We have come a long way from the time-consuming process of splitting logs, stacking firewood, hauling logs into the house and tending a fire. Smart home technology is transforming how we live. With the ability to connect many home appliances and other essentials to the internet, we can now use voice commands to control just about anything from window shades to lawn sprinklers.

Easy Automation

The challenge with home automation is the set-up of simplified tasks can be quite complicated. Touchstone Home Products makes it easy to connect Touchstone® Smart electric fireplaces and TV lifts to your home automation system.

Powered by Alexa® or Google Home® Voice Commands

Touchstone’s The Whisper Lift® PRO TV Lift Mechanism with IR trigger technology and The Sideline Elite® Smart Electric Fireplace are compatible with popular digital assistants, Amazon Alexa® and Google Home®, for easy integration into your Smart home hub. With simple voice commands, you can easily control the WiFi-enabled Touchstone smart electric fireplace from any spot in your home. With an app on your phone, you can operate your fireplace from anywhere.

Touchstone Whisper Lift Pro TV Lift Mechanism with IR trigger can easily be added to a smart home hub.

Take “Don’t Lift a Finger” to a New Level

Can’t find the remote? With a Smart switch/plug and a 12v power supply, you can use Alexa or Google Home voice controls to raise or lower a Touchstone Whisper Lift PRO TV Lift Mechanism. A Touchstone TV Lift makes it easy to mount a flat screen television just about anywhere. The Smart technology compatibility brings your home entertainment to new heights.

Touchstone Sideline Elite Smart Electric Fireplace is wi-fi enabled and easy to add to a smart home hub

Complete Relaxation On Demand

Enjoy a soothing fireplace on demand in any room of your home. No need to wait for the fire to burn out – simply tell Alexa or Google Home to turn off the Smart fireplace. The cool-to-the-touch Sideline Elite Smart Electric Fireplace is easy to install and even simpler to operate with voice commands.

The Whole Package: Smart and Stunning

Watch the video and see The Sideline Elite Smart Electric Fireplace in action. See the beautiful flame display and Wi-Fi enabled technology.