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Bedroom Style Challenge: How to Hide Your TV

Touchstone SRV TV Lift mechanism hidden at the edge of a bed @theverestplace

Do you love to binge watch television in bed, but don't like the look of a large dark screen on the dresser or wall? We challenged three Touchstone customers to come up with a DIY bedroom hidden TV solution featuring the SRV Pro TV Lift Mechanism. Check out these custom built footboard and end of bed TV lift cabinet do it yourself projects for inspiration.

Footboard With a TV Tucked Inside

At just 7 inches deep, the SRV 32820 Pro Swivel TV Lift is mounted inside the slim profile footboard designed and built by @theverestplace. The disappearing TV recedes back into the end of bed footboard for a clean look.

“This DIY TV lift footboard allows us to have access to entertainment with a press of a button or be hidden away in style,” @theverestplace shares. “Controlled with a remote control, sleek slim look and ability to rotate a full 360 degrees, [the SRV Pro TV Lift] allows us to enjoy in bed or in our (soon to come) seating area."

SRV Pro TV lift mechanism in footboard at the end of the bed by @theverestplace


All-Around TV Viewing With the 360 Degree SRV Pro Swivel

Nichol from @nicholnaranjo on Instagram wanted a TV in her bedroom without it taking up all the attention. Solution: hiding her TV in a beautiful DIY console with a TV lift. The SRV Pro's swivel technology makes it easy to watch TV in the bed, chair, or anywhere else in the room.
Touchstone SRV Pro TV lift cabinet at the end of the bed by @nicholnaranjo

With the SRV Pro 360 Swivel TV Lift Mechanism, you can raise your TV out of a hidden space and fully rotate it for optimal viewing.

“I have to say, we really love our hidden television console in our bedroom and we love that the television can rotate 360 degrees so that we can watch television from any spot in our bedroom.” Nichol shares. 


A Room With a Pretty View, Plus a Big TV

With a modern farmhouse flair, @simplyminedesigns solves the hidden TV in the bedroom challenge. Her husband loves having a TV in their bedroom, so they originally mounted one above their dresser. Shanna thought the TV was a bit of an “eyesore” in this spot and found it difficult to decorate the dresser the way she wanted. To free up space on the dresser, Shanna built an end of bed TV cabinet, using Touchstone's DIY TV Lift Cabinet project plans.

Touchstone SRV Pro TV Lift Cabinet in a DIY end of bed cabinet by @simplyminedesigns

“I have a really large mirror that I have been wanting to put on the dresser, but the TV was in the way. So, when I saw that Touchstone Home Products carried these amazing TV lifts that allow you to hide your TV, I was sold,” she shares in her blog.

The Touchstone’s SRV Pro TV Lift Mechanism allows her to raise and lower her TV with just a click of the remote.

She built her cabinet with pieces of lumber and plywood, created faux doors with handles, and then painted the whole cabinet white to match the rest of the bedroom.

“I am so obsessed with how this turned out. And now my hubby gets his TV in the bedroom, and I get a pretty view."

Read the step-by-step DIY TV Lift Cabinet instructions at the Simply Mine Designs blog:

Touchstone SRV Pro motorized, swivel TV lift mechanism installed in DIY TV lift cabinet

Learn more about the SRV Pro TV Lift collection's advanced technology and easy installation. 

Easy Workaround Pro Tip

For those looking for a quick DIY project, the SRV Pro TV Lift Mechanisms can also be mounted to the floor. Simply mount the lift behind your existing dresser, and hide your TV when it is not in use.

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