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Now You See It, Now You Don't: TV Lifts For Every Budget

Touchstone SRV TV Lift Mechanism hidden in a custom TV lift cabinet at the end of the bed by @simplyminedesigns

“Now you see it, now you don’t.” We have been using that tag line since 2005 to describe Touchstone® TV Lifts and TV Lift Cabinets. TV giant LG is using this same tag line for its new LG Signature OLED R 65'' Class Rollable 4K Smart TV w/ AI ThinQ®, the world’s first roll-up television. Our team loves new home theater technology, and this rolling screen TV is beyond cool – but for most, the $100,000 price tag is beyond reach.

A Dream TV With a Retractable Style at an Affordable Price

Luckily for the rest of us, Touchstone Home Products offers retractable TV solutions well within budget. Ideal for rooms with lots of windows and limited wall mounting space, a Touchstone TV lift keeps your television out of sight when it is not in use.

Pictured at top, a Touchstone SRV Pro Swivel TV Lift Mechanism rests inside a custom built TV lift cabinet at the end of the bed, built by @simplyminedesigns. 

Touchstone Whisper Lift PRO installed in the ceiling for a drop-down application

For those looking for the “wow” factor, Touchstone® TV lifts quickly and quietly lower your TV from the ceiling, pop up from behind the couch, recede into a half wall or raise up from the kitchen island. These versatile motorized lifts can be installed anywhere you can imagine - including an outside patio. With the easy-to-follow instructions, even a beginner do-it-yourself hobbyist can add a Touchstone Whisper Lift or SRV Pro TV lift to just about any space.

All the Advanced TV Technology You Want

While a Touchstone TV lift won’t have LG’s revolutionary ultra-thin rolling screen, it will be compatible with just about any flat screen television, so you can have as much advanced technology as you need. All Touchstone TV lifts feature our universal Quick Connect system with compatible hardware to easily mount most TV brands and models. For those who love to have the newest advanced TV features, the flexibility of the Touchstone TV lift allows you to swap out a similar sized TV without changing your TV lift.

Touchstone Whisper Lift PRO Swivel TV lift installed in a bench in front of a window by customer Mark.

Low-Profile Space to Stow a TV

Just over 32 inches high when fully lowered, Touchstone’s best-selling Whisper Lift II, Whisper Lift PRO, Whisper Lift PRO Swivel, SRV Pro 33900 and SRV Pro Swivel TV Lifts easily raise and lower a 65-inch TV (SRV PRO 33900 can handle a 70-inch TV). The low-profile lift design allows for space-saving solutions. Like the sleek rollable TV, the enclosure area needed for your TV plus TV lift depends on the height and width of your TV.

Compare Touchstone Whisper Lift TV Lift Mechanism heights
Touchstone SRV Pro TV Lift heights

Choosing the best TV lift for your project depends on the installation style, TV size and desired advanced technology.

Touchstone Home Products offers lots of free resources for DIY TV lift projects. You can download a DIY cabinet building plan or check out our TV Lift photo gallery for inspiration. You can also follow #touchstonehomeproducts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest for more inspiration.

DIY TV Lift Cabinet Featuring the SRV Pro Swivel TV Lift Mechanism

The design and building team @simplyminedesigns used inspiration from other Touchstone DIY TV Lift Cabinet projects to create this beautiful, modern farmhouse retractable TV cabinet for the end of a bed. You can see the design plans here:

Touchstone SRV TV Lift Mechanism with flat top mount raises the TV with lid
Touchstone SRV Pro TV Lift Cabinet in an end of bed installation

Save Time with a Pre-built TV Lift Cabinet

Touchstone TV Lift Cabinets provide hidden TV technology, combined with a solidly built, furniture-quality cabinet. The TV lift cabinets are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes and wood finishes and include a Touchstone@ TV lift mechanism.

Touchstone Ellis TV Lift Cabinet with leather wrapped style positioned at the end of the bed