How to Choose the Best Motorized TV Lift For Your Flat Screen Television

Touchstone Whisper Lift PRO TV Lift with IR remote, 12v trigger in half pony wall built by @sachilord

Is a new TV on your shopping list this year? Whether you are upgrading to an OLED TV, 4K Ultra HD or Roku Smart TV, or simply looking for the best deal, Touchstone Home Products has a compatible motorized TV lift mechanism to fit your new television. 

Photo credit at top: The Touchstone Whisper Lift PRO TV Lift by @sachilord

Do I Need a Motorized TV Lift?

A Touchstone TV lift offers a clever alternative to traditional TV wall mounts, especially in a room with limited wall space. With versatile installation options, a Touchstone TV Lift can lower your flat screen TV or monitor from the ceiling or lift it up from the floor. You can install a Touchstone retractable TV lift just about anywhere – in a cabinet, behind a couch or credenza, in a waterproof, outdoor enclosure or in a half wall.

Touchstone Whisper Lift Swivel TV lift mechanism in kitchen island side view

Why Are Touchstone TV Lifts Top Rated?

Since 2005, Touchstone Home Products has been a pioneer in advanced TV lift technology and manufacturing. We frequently hear from customers who are still using the first-generation Whisper Lift TV Lifts, almost two decades (and many TVs!) later. We’ve sold tens of thousands of Touchstone TV lifts, thanks to durable steel construction, extra-reliable motors and proven performance.

All Touchstone TV Lift Mechanisms offer:

  • EASY INSTALLATION. The lift mechanism ships fully assembled – simply secure the base and attach the TV mounting brackets.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH MOST TVS. Touchstone’s Universal Quick Connect System includes bolts and machine screws for most TV brands and models to ensure a secure fit.
  • 5 YEAR WARRANTY. In 2005, we set out to make the best TV lift mechanism to use in our own homes. We remain focused on quality, and stand by our TV lifts with one of the best warranties in the industry.
The back view of the Touchstone Whisper Lift PRO TV lift mechanism with TV attached to brackets in custom cabinet by @sachilord

Back view of the Whisper Lift PRO TV Lift Mechanism, photo credit @sachilord

Which Touchstone TV Lift Is Best For Me?

Much easier than shopping for a new TV, picking the right Touchstone TV lift simply comes down to three questions:

  • How big is your TV?
  • Where do you want to mount your TV?
  • How much advanced technology do you need?

Check out our TV Lift Mechanism roster and see which model is best for you.

Go Big or Go Home

The Whisper Lift PRO XL and SRV 33900 PRO effortlessly do the heavy lifting for the biggest TV models. Both are available with manual Swivel technology. If you need a full 360-degree rotation, choose the SRV. The SRV model includes an RS232 port to connect to advanced home theater systems and automation systems.

Tight End MVP

For tight spots like motor home RV entertainment consoles, boats or slim profile cabinets, the 4-inch depth of the SRV PRO TV lift fits the bill.

Touchstone SRV PRO TV lift in RV motor home entertainment console with Touchstone Sideline 28 Electric Fireplace photo credit @rockinandrollinofficial
The SRV PRO 32800 TV Lift Mechanism in an RV with the Touchstone Sideline 28 Electric Fireplace, photo credit @rockinandrollinofficial

The Low-Down on the Drop Down

A crowd pleaser, your guests will want to see the replay when your TV lowers from the ceiling. Choose the Whisper Lift II, PRO or PRO XL for versatile dropdown installation. Simply flip the same Whisper Lift and secure the base from the top for an impressive home theatre experience.

Touchstone Whisper Lift II TV lift installed in the kitchen ceiling for a dramatic dropdown TV viewing effect

All the Right Moves

Expand your viewing area with a swivel TV lift mechanism. The Whisper Lift Swivel PRO and SRV PRO Swivel models feature manual swivel technology. The Whisper Lift Swivel model moves 60 degrees to the right or left. The SRV PRO Swivel moves in a full 360-degree rotation.

Touchstone Whisper Lift Swivel TV lift mechanism rotated sixty degrees in kitchen island installation

Technology Team Player

For seamless connectivity and smart TV compatibility, the Whisper Lift PRO and SRV PRO include an IR remote for easy third party universal remote pairing. The SRV PRO adds an RS232 port to connect with automation systems.

You Call the Plays

Touchstone SRV Pro TV Lifts are Wi-Fi enabled and are compatible with Google Home® and Amazon Alexa®. The Whisper Lift Pro collection with a built-in 12v trigger port can also connect to smart home devices. 

Touchstone Whisper Lift II TV Lift Mechanism installed in Touchstone TV lift cabinet in up position

Check out our easy-to-read chart to compare all the Touchstone TV Lift Mechanism models and see side-by-side specifications and features.

Compare TV Lift Models

Winning Combination

Did you know Touchstone TV Lift Cabinets include Touchstone's top rated TV lift mechanisms? If you are looking for an easy, out-of-the-box, hidden TV solution, check out these pre-built, heirloom quality, motorized TV lift cabinets.

Touchstone Elevate Mission TV Lift Cabinet with Whisper Lift II TV lift inside
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