Touchstone Smart Electric Fireplace WiFi Setup - Touchstone App

Touchstone Sideline Elite Smart Electric Fireplace WiFi Set Up

Smart Fireplace Set Up

Touchstone Smart Electric Fireplaces with WiFi connectivity include:

Touchstone WiFi enabled electric fireplaces are powered by the Touchstone Fireplace App. 

NOTE: You can also control the fireplace settings using the included remote control or buttons on the fireplace, without WiFi.

To enable your WiFi Smart fireplace technology, view / download the Touchstone Quick Start guide.

This guide offers step by step instructions for:

  • Setting up the Touchstone Fireplace app
  • Pairing your fireplace with the app
  • Adding your fireplace to your WiFi network
  • Using the app to control your fireplace settings

Bluetooth Connectivity (For fireplaces purchased after Nov 2022)

Touchstone Home Products provides two ways for connecting your Wifi Smart Fireplace to your home network: Bluetooth or Wifi.

  • Bluetooth Connection: For purchases of Touchstone Home Products Wifi Smart Fireplaces after November 2022, customers will see the Touchstone Home Products Wifi Smart Fireplace appear in the Touchstone Fireplace App when adding the device to their network (if Bluetooth on their mobile device is enabled). Simply select the fireplace in the Touchstone Fireplace App and the Touchstone fireplace will pair with the Touchstone Fireplace App via Bluetooth.
  • WiFi Pairing: For customers with fireplaces purchased prior to November 2022, the Touchstone Home Products Wifi Smart Fireplace can be paired to the user's home network via a WiFi connection.

Quick Start Guide


Quick Tips to Get Started

Watch the Set Up Guide video and read the instructions below for guidance on how to set up your WiFi Smart Electric Fireplace.

Step by Step Guide

WiFi Operation: To adjust the fireplace settings with your mobile device and use Amazon Alexa® or Google Home® voice commands, you will need to add the Touchstone Fireplace App to your mobile phone or tablet.

1. Get the Touchstone Fireplace App

2. Set Up the Touchstone Fireplace App

Follow the app instructions to set up and register a Touchstone Fireplace account and sign in to the app. Once you've downloaded the app to your mobile device, open the Touchstone Fireplace App, tap “Register” to register an account, then sign in.

3. Add Your Touchstone® Smart Electric Fireplace to the Touchstone Fireplace App

Sign in with the Touchstone Fireplace account, add the device, and change the device name to the word or phrase you will use for voice commands, i.e. Alexa, turn on the fireplace. We recommend using a simple phrase like "fireplace." You must use your designated phrase, i.e. "fireplace" in your voice commands for Alexa and Google Home to control your fireplace. See more about voice commands below.

4. Pair the Touchstone Fireplace app 

Refer to the Touchstone Quick Start Guide for step-by-step instructions. 

5. Operate the Fireplace Settings with the Touchstone Fireplace App

Once you have completed the Touchstone Fireplace app set up and added your fireplace to your WiFi network, you can operate the fireplace through the Touchstone Fireplace app. 

With the Touchstone Fireplace app, you can:

  • Power the fireplace on and off
  • Adjust the flame color and ember bed color
  • Adjust the flame intensity and speed
  • Turn the heat on or off
  • Set the heat temperature
  • Set the timer 

Set Up Voice Commands For Your Smart Fireplace

With the Touchstone Fireplace app, you can use your Amazon Alexa and Google Home device voice commands to control the power and heat temperature of your connected smart fireplace. You must use the Touchstone Fireplace app to pair your fireplace with your voice command devices. 

For the most up-to-date device pairing instructions, visit the Tuya Smart App website.





Note: The Tuya Smart Google and Alexa guides reference some voice commands that are not currently available. 

Voice Commands to Use

Turn the Fireplace On and Off and Adjust the Heat Temperature

Google Home Voice Commands For Your Fireplace
"Hey Google, turn on <fireplace name>"
"Hey Google, turn off <fireplace name>"
"Hey Google, set heat to <degrees>"

Amazon Alexa Voice Commands For Your Fireplace
"Alexa, turn on <fireplace name>"
"Alexa, turn off <fireplace name>"
"Alexa, set heat to <degrees>"

Reminder, your fireplace name is the phrase you set up in the Touchstone Fireplace app for your fireplace. You must use this exact phrase/fireplace name in your command to your voice-activated device.