Build a Fireplace Accent Wall Quickly With Qora Cladding and a Touchstone Electric Fireplace

Touchstone Sideline Elite Smart Electric Fireplace and Qora Cladding Fireplace Accent Wall

Perfect for new home construction or remodel, Touchstone Electric Fireplaces, paired with Qora Cladding, offer a more affordable fireplace accent wall in a fraction of the time. With a Touchstone Electric Fireplace, you can easily add a focal point to any room without the extra expense of a wood burning fireplace chimney or gas fireplace connections and venting. You can insert the Touchstone Electric Fireplace directly in the wall or build a simple bump out wall. Finish the wall with Qora Cladding for real ambiance and an authentic fireplace look.

Qora cladding installation on a fireplace accent wall featuring Touchstone electric fireplace
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Qora Stone Cladding Solutions

The Qora Cladding Collection is crafted using a patented, fiberglass-reinforced rigid foam core, engineered into stone, brick and wood panels. This durable, lightweight product captures the texture, color, and variation of stone and brick. The large panels are quick and easy to install, saving masonry time and budget. With a Touchstone Electric Fireplace and Qora Cladding, you can create a dream fireplace accent wall in a day.

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See how easy it is to build a fireplace accent wall with Qora Stone™ panels and Touchstone® electric fireplaces.

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