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The Best Space Saving TV Lifts for a Tiny Home on Wheels

Multifunctional Touchstone TV lift motorized mechanism hides a coffeemaker in a skoolie converted motor home by @highwayhoosiers

‘You’re going to live on a bus?” It takes a lot of ingenuity to transform a school bus or coach bus into a cozy motor home. The skoolie life journey starts with maximizing every inch of living space. In a tiny home bus conversion, dining, lounging, working and sleeping often happen in the same area. Hidden storage is a must, making multifunctional Touchstone® TV lift mechanisms popular additions to tiny home bus conversions and motor home makeovers.

Meet some DIY skoolies and tiny home on wheels adventurers and see how versatile Touchstone motorized lift mechanisms make their cross-country treks easier.

Touchstone TV lift mechanisms save space in converted school bus tiny home @highwayhoosiers

Hit the Road with @highwayhoosiers

Nowell and Lauren @highwayhoosiers spent over a year converting a school bus into a full-time home. Their skoolie features two Touchstone TV lift mechanisms to hide a big screen television and coffeemaker. With a touch of the remote control, these home essentials lower out of sight, leaving a clear countertop. 

highwayhoosiers is traveling west from Indiana with their two dogs. Follow their travels on Instagram.

MCI Coach Bus Conversion with @rehabit8

Mela and Don @rehabit8 converted a 40-foot MCI Coach bus into a RV/tiny home on wheels with a dream to travel North America full-time and find a new place to call home. To make their tiny motor home cozier, they built an entertainment center featuring a compact Touchstone SRV TV lift mechanism and Sideline® 40 Electric Fireplace. Perfect for traveling to any climate, the Sideline's realistic flames can be enjoyed with or without heat anytime, anywhere.

Touchstone TV lift mechanism and Sideline electric fireplace in @rehabit8 tiny home bus conversion

Top Rated TV Lifts for Bus Conversions and RV Renovations

Touchstone's TV lift technology journey started in 2005, and our team loves to see the Touchstone Whisper Lift® and SRV TV Lifts in so many different applications. These motorized lift mechanisms have become the "go-to" for the on-the-go tiny home on wheels creators.

Touchstone TV Lift Mechanisms offer: 

  • Variety: Choice of sizes and models for drop down or lift up installations.
  • Versatility: Not just for hidden TVs, these lift mechanisms can easily stow coffeemakers, computer monitors, game consoles and other home comforts.
  • Easy Installation: The motor comes fully assembled - simply attach to a surface and attach the mounting brackets.
  • Budget Friendly Technology: You can add a premium lift and turn a refurbished school bus into a luxury coach on a DIY budget.

More RV and Motor Home TV Lift Inspiration

Check out more RV and motor home renovations featuring Touchstone Home Products TV lift mechanisms and electric fireplaces.

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Not Just For TVs

Touchstone TV lift mechanisms can stow more than flat screen televisions. Reclaim countertop space and stow small appliances out of sight.