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Meet the Chesmont: An Easy Wall Mount Frameless Electric Fireplace With a Fully Finished Mantel

Touchstone Wall Mount Chesmont Electric Fireplace with mantel

Touchstone Home Products introduces the Chesmont Electric Fireplace with a frameless, full glass view and a three-sided modern mantel. A tempered glass box beautifully showcases the natural looking LED flame display, offering unobstructed views of the fireplace from either side. Designed for quick and easy installation, the Chesmont Electric Fireplace’s sleek built-in mantel, in your choice of black or white, gives any room an ultra modern touch. No need to build your own mantel or cut an opening in the drywall, this easy-mount fireplace with a fully finished mantel hangs directly on the wall.


Chesmont Electric Fireplace with built in mantel and frameless glass display

Realistic LED Flames

This smoke-free, vent-less electric fireplace is equipped with adjustable flame color and intensity to set the mood in the room. Use the touchpad on the unit or the included remote control to change the flame color to orange, blue or blue-orange and choose a flame setting from gentle burning ember to full flame effect. The Chesmont includes a driftwood and crystal combination hearth set to show off the flames beautifully.

The Touchstone Chesmont Electric Fireplace with Mantel features three adjustable LED flame colors.


Adjustable Heat

The cool-to-the-touch fireplace warms the room without the added work of a real wood-burning fireplace. The Chesmont Electric Fireplace features three heat settings: no heat, low heat and high heat. The heat and flame settings work independently, so the beautiful flame display can be enjoyed with or without heat in any season. The heat vent is on the front of the unit, making it easier to mount a TV closely above the fireplace if desired. A built-in heat timer lets you set the shut-off time, from 30 minutes to 7.5 hours.


Touchstone Chesmont Electric Fireplace with Mantel is available in black or white

No Drywall Cutting! Easy Wall Mount Installation

The 50 inch wide, wall-hanging Chesmont Electric Fireplace with a fully attached, pre-built mantel is easy to install in any room. Simply attach the included wall mount bracket to the desired wall space and place the fireplace on the bracket, securing it with included screws.

Chesmont Electric Fireplace with a built in mantel  is easy to hang on the wall.

A Quick Overview of the Chesmont Electric Fireplace:

‣ Hangs on the wall with included mounting bracket
‣ No need to build a mantel or cut drywall
‣ Frameless glass flame display
‣ Built-in, fully finished mantel, available in Black or White
‣ 3 adjustable flame colors
‣ 5 adjustable flame settings
‣ 3 heat settings
‣ Touchpad and remote control operation
‣ Dimensions: 50 inches wide x 20.5 inches high x 7 inches deep

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