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Safely Mount a TV Above an Electric Fireplace

Touchstone Sideline Elite Electric Fireplace with television mounted above

What could be better than watching your favorite show, in front of a cozy fireplace? With a focus on relaxation, the combination of a flat screen TV mounted above a fireplace is a popular home design trend. While the spacing between the floor, fireplace, mantel and television is a big consideration for the overall symmetrical look, the distance between the heat source and the television is especially important.

Safe Distancing

The intense heat from a wood or gas burning fireplace can potentially damage a television. An electric fireplace with front or bottom heat vents offers a safer alternative when mounted below the TV. Touchstone electric fireplaces feature adjustable heat settings to easily control the heat output. Touchstone fireplaces also give you the option to enjoy the flame display without heat If desired.

Dynamic Duo

A Touchstone electric fireplace with a TV mounted above can offer a better viewing height compared to a traditional wood burning fireplace. An electric fireplace requires no venting or chimney, allowing for more flexible installation options. An electric fireplace can be recessed into or attached onto the wall, with or without a mantel, allowing the TV to be positioned at the optimal viewing height. 

Safely mount a TV above a Touchstone Electric Fireplace

Photo credits: @dupre_reno, @madelineinthegarden, @brindlewood_nc

Recommended Space Between the TV and Electric Fireplace

Our Touchstone customer care team often receives inquiries about the recommended space between an electric fireplace and television, mantel or artwork mounted above. In general, for most fireplace models, we advise 8 inches from the top of the fireplace to the mantel, TV or ceiling and 6 inches from the bottom of the fireplace to the floor.

Minimum Clearance by Touchstone Fireplace Model

Use this handy reference to see the required distance between your Touchstone Electric Fireplace model and a TV, mantel or ceiling above.

Sideline Elite 8 inches
Sideline 8 inches
Forte 8 inches
ValueLine 8 inches
AudioFlare 6 inches
Chesmont 6 inches
Onyx 24 inches
80017 Sideline Outdoor No required space above (no built-in heater)

We Are Here to Help

Questions? Contact our customer service team by phone, live chat or contact form. You can also visit our Electric Fireplace Support page for frequently asked questions and how-to videos.

More examples of TV mounted above Touchstone electric fireplace with safe distance between
Photo credits: @livelovelucceus, @candileonardhome, @kelseylee_morgan

Design Inspiration

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