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Fireplace Fix: Easy Tips to Renovate, Retrofit and Replace an Old Fireplace with a New Electric Fireplace

The Sideline Elite 50 is featured in the @redbrickfauxfarmhouse DIY fireplace renovation and hides an older wood burning fireplace

Home style trends come and go, but a fireplace as a focal point never gets old. The hub of the home since the start, the fireplace started as the primary source of life preserving heat and food preparation for centuries and continues to be the center of comfort. Though the ambiance of a fireplace endures, the actual structure can deteriorate or look outdated. For ease and greater safety, many homeowners opt for a Touchstone® electric fireplace to replace a wood burning fireplace.

Tips and Inspiration For a Fireplace Remodel

Check out these recent fireplace renovations featuring Touchstone® electric fireplaces

1. Easiest Fix: Build a fireplace enclosure in front of the existing fireplace

Faced with costly wood burning fireplace repairs, Astra @athomewithastra came up with an ingenious idea to frame a Touchstone® electric fireplace in front of the defunct wood burning fireplace. The vent-free Touchstone Sideline Elite Electric Fireplace offers the same relaxing flame display without the risks of real burning embers. The Sideline Elite glass front display is cool to the touch, a big plus for this mother and pet owner. 

@redbrickfauxfarmhouse fireplace renovation featuring Touchstone Sideline Elite 50 Electric Fireplace


Progression of fireplace renovation by @redbrickfauxfarmhouse featuring Touchstone Sideline Elite Electric Fireplace


Learn more about this project and see step by step instructions at American Farmhouse Style

Finished DIY fireplace project by @redbrickfauxfarmhouse featuring Touchstone Sideline Elite 50 Electric Fireplace

2. Easy Retrofit: Perfect Size For an Existing Fireplace

Customer Ellen shares her fireplace remodel featuring a Touchstone Sideline 36 Electric Fireplace. The 36-inch wide Sideline 36 fits perfectly in Ellen's existing fireplace opening. The room retains the original beauty of the traditional mantel with an easy-to-enjoy electric fireplace. The flame colors, intensity and heat are simple to adjust by remote control. The heat and flames work independently so Ellen can enjoy her fireplace all year round. 

Customer Ellen shares, “Wanted to send you pictures of our finished fireplace. Fitting it into existing fireplace was a bit of a puzzle but I think Jeff did a great job! We were happy to find stone for surround that matched the existing hearth. Thank you so much for your help and kindness.”

Touchstone Sideline 36 Electric Fireplace retrofitted into existing fireplace mantel by customer Ellen


3. A Moveable Feat: A Portable Fireplace Wall

This renter created a clever portable fireplace wall featuring the Touchstone Forte Electric Fireplace. This DIY fireplace project by @the.modberry is a great solution for concealing an outdated wood burning or gas fireplace. The Forte Electric Fireplace is 40 inches wide with more of a traditional fireplace shape. 

See the project progression in this Instagram reel by @the.modberry:

A portable fireplace wall with dark gray Roman clay featuring the Touchstone Forte Electric Fireplace designed by @the.modberry

4. A Complete Transformation: Easily change the look of the room

A total fireplace renovation can seem daunting, but the addition of a Touchstone electric fireplace simplifies the process and shortens the project time. The team @simplemadepretty totally transformed their living room by removing an older fireplace and adding a Touchstone Sideline Elite 42 Electric Fireplace. The recessed Sideline Elite gives the room a warm, cozy update.

Watch the progression of the DIY recessed fireplace with a mantel in this Instagram real by @simplemadepretty:

SimpleMadePretty DIY fireplace transformation with Touchstone Sideline Elite 42 Electric Fireplace

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