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DIY Electric Fireplace Installations in Modern Farmhouse Style

Touchstone Forte Electric Fireplace in Bedroom by farmsteadonfirst

A natural fit for the cozy and simple Modern Farmhouse design style, Touchstone Electric Fireplaces are featured in many “Fixer Upper”-inspired room renovations on Instagram, home design blogs and YouTube. The easy-to-install Sideline Electric Fireplaces are used often in DIY fireplace projects and highly recommended by the installers.

Shiplap DIY Electric Fireplace Projects

For those looking to add farmhouse chic to their homes, you can find step-by-step videos and Instagram stories of DIY Touchstone Electric Fireplace integrations featuring shiplap walls and rustic wood mantels in the perfect balance of white, gray and light colors favored by celebrity home renovators Joanna and Chip Gaines.

Increase Your Home's Value

In addition to adding visual (and real!) warmth, these maintenance-free fireplaces also add value to your home. Homebuyers are looking for American farmhouse style details like “shiplap” in real estate listings – as well as extras like “fireplace.” Read more about the “Fixer Upper” effect on home sales.

Adding an electric fireplace in a bedroom or family room is an affordable upgrade you can enjoy year-round. When you are ready to sell, this simple addition can help your house stand out from others on the market – especially in subdivisions where homes are built in the same design.

DIY Fireplace Inspiration and Step by Step Instructions

We’ve curated some of our favorite DIY fireplace integrations featuring Touchstone Electric Fireplaces, below. Check out these blog posts, Instagram posts and stories for DIY fireplace modern farmhouse style inspiration.


@thebloomingnest Sideline Electric Fireplace

@thebloomingnest is the definition of modern farmhouse chic - and an inspiration for many DIY fireplace projects. Pictured here: Touchstone Sideline 50 Electric Fireplace.


@houseofus Touchstone Sideline 36 Electric Fireplace integration

"Here she is! Our beautiful fireplace is now complete! The centerpiece of this project is our new @touchstonehomeproducts Electric fireplace that has proven to be amazing in the few days we have actually had it installed! We have used it everyday and even had the opportunity to test out the heat in the chilly mornings! The full tutorial for the fireplace install, shiplap wall, and mantel are all in my saved stories! Projects don’t always go completely as planned and there are now new things that need to be addressed (floors and crown molding are top of the list), but we seriously couldn’t be more happy with how everything tuned out!" - @houseofus

This DIY fireplace features the 36-inch wide Touchstone Sideline 36 Electric Fireplace


@farmsteadonfirst Touchstone Forte Electric Fireplace DIY modern farmhouse style

"When we finished the guest room I just knew something was missing. I’m all about cozy and it was missing that for me. And what’s cozier than a fireplace in a bedroom? - nothin! I love electric fireplaces so much because you can put them anywhere AND they are affordable! This is from @touchstonehomeproducts and I am so incredibly impressed with the quality." - @farmsteadonfirst

This cozy bedroom features the Touchstone Forte Electric Fireplace.


@madelinebazzle Sideline 40 Electric Fireplace farmhouse integration

Read the in-depth blog post by Liz and Mady detailing the reveal of the fireplace, inspiration for this project, project plan, tutorial, budget breakdown and complete source list: 

This shiplap fireplace project features the Touchstone Sideline 40 Electric Fireplace.


@sweetthreadco DIY shiplap fireplace with Touchstone Sideline 36 Electric Fireplace

@sweetthreadsco is in the process of a DIY electric fireplace project featuring the Touchstone Sideline 36 Electric Fireplace. Follow her profile for project updates. 


Touchstone Electric Fireplace in the box before DIY fireplace installation

@rananddantaylor is about to start a Fireplace DIY project featuring the wall recessed Sideline 50 Electric Fireplace. Follow on Instagram for project updates.