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Build a TV Lift Cabinet With the Woodsmith® Project Plan

Touchstone Whisper Lift TV lift mechanism in a custom built Woodsmith cabinet

Four years ago, Woodsmith® Magazine featured the Touchstone Whisper Lift II TV Lift Mechanism in their TV lift cabinet woodworking project plan in the August/September 2013 edition. This DIY TV cabinet project plan continues to grow in popularity.

Thanks to all the woodworkers who have trusted the Whisper Lift II in their Woodsmith projects. We frequently hear from customers who have completed this project, and we love to see photos of the building process from start to finish. Each woodworker adds his/her own unique touch and it’s fun to watch. We receive rave reviews about the reliability and easy integration of the Touchstone motored TV lift. The TV Lift cabinet project plan is available at

Why Woodworkers Trust the Whisper Lift TV Lift

Easy installation

We get a lot of feedback from woodworkers about our motorized TV lifts. One of the top reasons the Whisper Lift II works so well in this Woodsmith project is the ease of installation. The Whisper Lift ships fully assembled, saving valuable project time. Simply attach the lift into the cabinet and add the TV mounting brackets. The Touchstone TV lift’s signature universal mounting system is compatible with most TV models for quick and secure installation.

Customer Charles unfinished Woodsmith TV lift project with Whisper Lift II

Touchstone customer Charles shares his Woodsmith TV Lift Cabinet project featuring the Whisper Lift II TV Lift. Photo credit: Customer Charles

Budget-friendly price

Remarkably, the value-priced Whisper Lift II TV lift is the same price it was in 2013. We’ve worked to keep our price within reach of hobbyists without skimping on quality and performance. This solidly built steel TV lift mechanism features a single piston actuator, steel external casing to prevent wear and a 5-year warranty.

Unmatched performance

The whisper-quiet motorized TV lift raises a TV up to 68 inches within 30 seconds and can hold up to 100 pounds.

Finished Woodsmith TV lift cabinet project by Touchtone customer

Mission accomplished! The finished Woodsmith TV Lift Cabinet. Photo credit: Customer Charles

Touchstone Home Products offers several TV lift mechanisms that are suitable for this Woodsmith TV lift cabinet project. Upgrade to the Whisper Lift PRO for advanced features including a built-in IR sensor for pairing with universal remotes, 12v trigger for automation and lift height memory. The Whisper Lift PRO Swivel model includes the advanced technology plus a manual swivel to expand your TV viewing area.

Time Saver Tip

For those who like the idea of a TV lift cabinet, but don’t have the time or tools to build it, Touchstone also offers pre-built, fully assembled TV lift cabinets.

Woodsmith Magazine August September 2013 cover

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