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An Easy Fix to Make Your Rental Property Stand Out

Touchstone Sideline Outdoor Electric Fireplace in covered patio pool area by Premier Cape Construction

Touchstone Sideline Indoor/Outdoor Electric Fireplace, photo credit: Premier Cape Construction

Savvy renters search and filter by features on home and vacation rental websites to find exactly what they want. Smart property owners optimize their property listings with these features to stand out in the search results.

While popular amenities like a pool or indoor fireplace can help your rental get noticed, these luxuries are not easy to add, and they carry some liability. As an affordable and safe alternative to a gas or wood burning fire, many property owners are turning to electric fireplaces to make their rentals more desirable.


Why Electric Fireplaces Are Perfect For Rentals


Photo credit: VRBO.com

Low Cost Amenity Increases Property Value

Touchstone Electric Fireplaces are easy to install and priced right. No venting or gas lines needed, the electric fireplace can either be hung directly on the wall or inserted into the wall. The Touchstone Sideline Fireplace collection is ideal for inserting in a bump out wall. The wall can be finished with faux stone, tile, shiplap or another covering to match the home style.

Check out the Touchstone electric fireplace photo gallery for style inspiration.

Sunset Chateau Bed and Breakfast room with Touchstone Sideline 50 Electric Fireplace

Sideline Electric Fireplace in Sunset Chateau Bed and Breakfast, Sedona, AZ

More Ambiance, Less Liability

Renters love fireplaces and firepits. The risk of fire, carbon monoxide poisoning and smoke damage can increase owners’ insurance rates and stress levels. Smoke-free, fume-free electric fireplaces provide beautiful flames without the mess and renter hazards. Touchstone Electric Fireplaces are operated by remote control and feature auto shutoff for added peace of mind. No need to postpone dinner reservations while waiting for a wood fire to burn out, renters can turn the electric fireplace on and off with a push of a button.

Pet and Child Friendly

Cool to the touch, an electric fireplace is safer for use around children and pets. The front glass area remains cool regardless of the flame intensity.

Cool to the touch Touchstone Electric Fireplace

Great For All Climates

Touchstone fireplaces are built with separate heat and flame controls, so the relaxing flames can be enjoyed with or without heat anytime.

Touchstone Sideline Electric Fireplace in Vanguard Development home

Sideline Electric Fireplace in Vanguard Development property

Perfect Fit For Any Room

With a variety of styles and sizes available, Touchstone Electric Fireplaces can add a serene focal point to any room from the great room to the bathroom.

Extend the “Shoulder Season”

An electric fireplace can extend the season for your summer vacation rental without adding heating costs. Most Touchstone fireplaces provide supplemental heat to a 400-square-foot area. In colder climates, an electric fireplace can take a chill off a room, making the primary source of heat more energy-efficient.

Design Help

Looking for recommendations on how to increase your rental’s appeal with an electric fireplace? Our team can help. We also offer special pricing for builders, designers and other pros.