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General FAQs

Q. Why should I purchase from Touchstone directly?

A. Purchasing from Touchstone will ensure your get the best price and product support, guaranteed. Don’t believe us, call us at 800-215-1990 to speak to our US based staff who can answer all your questions and give you the best price. Rather than go through a middleman, go manufacturer direct!

Q. Where is your showroom so I can see your products in person?

A. Our only location is in Exton, PA. Since we are an eCommerce company, we cut out all the costs of retail locations and pass the savings on to you. If you have any concerns about quality, contact us directly at 800-215-1990 to speak to our US based staff or visit our product image and video gallery here.


Electric Fireplace FAQs

Q. How far do I need to mount my fireplace below my flat screen TV?

A. Touchstone and most flat screen TV manufacturers recommend you place your TV 24 inches above any of our wall hanging electric fireplaces where the heat blows out of the top of the unit. We recommend 12 inches of clearance for our in-wall recessed models where heat blows out the front of the unit.

Q. Where can I find instillation instructions or detailed spec sheets?

A. You can find all the info needed for your Touchstone Electric fireplace in the manual that came with your unit. If you are missing or misplaced your manual, simply go to the product page of the unit you have on our website where you can find the manual and spec sheet under the specifications tab.

Q. How do I arrange the crystals in my fireplace?

A. You can arrange the crystals in any manner that you wish.

Q. Can I use log set and crystals together?

A. Our electric fireplaces are designed so that only the log set or crystals are used, not both at the same time.

Q. Which fireplaces have a built-in thermostat?

A. The Sideline Elite and ValueLine series.


TV Lift Mechanism FAQs

Q. Do you have a TV lift that can drop down for the ceiling?

A. Any of our Whisper Lift TV lift mechanisms can be dropped down.

Q. What is the difference between the Whisper Lift II and Whisper Lift II Pro?

A. The Whisper Lift II Pro has added features such as the ability to set a memory height, IR and 12V trigger compatibility for 3rd party remotes, and is scalable to add the Whisper Lift II Pro Swivel Bracket


TV Cabinet FAQs

Q. Are your cabinets solid wood?

A. All the structural parts and styling are solid wood. The flat stock (doors, lid, back panels, etc.) are MDF with a real wood veneer finish on top (either oak or birch).

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