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What Is Your Fireplace Style?

Touchstone Sideline White Electric Fireplace in slat wall by @peonyandhoney

Ideal for DIY, first time projects and professional installs, versatile Touchstone Electric Fireplaces fit into most project plans. With a variety of easy installation options, Touchstone fireplace inserts and wall mount fireplaces blend with any room style. You can build a simple bump out wall and recess the fireplace in the wall or hang directly on the wall. Customize the fireplace to match your style with any wall covering including tile, stone, marble, brick or a simple painted wall. Top with a mantel, mount a TV above or build shelves around the fireplace. 

Pictured above, the Touchstone Sideline White Electric Fireplace adds subtle style to this boho styled slat wall by @peonyandhoney.


Find Your Favorite Fireplace Style

Check out DIY electric fireplace designs by Touchstone customers and find your favorite fireplace style. 


Tile Style

Touchstone Electric Fireplaces in a variety of tile walls

A Touchstone recessed electric fireplace surrounded by decorative tile creates a stunning focal point in any room. Photo credits: @calling_allcreators, @thebohemiancasa and @robertsfarmstead


Solid Style

Touchstone Electric Fireplaces surrounded by stone and brick

Stone, brick and marble wall coverings are solid choices for natural fireplace style. Photo credits: customers Mike, Brian and @jmyers_builds


Stand Out Style

Touchstone Electric Fireplaces in dramatic dark accent walls

A Touchstone Electric Fireplace really stands out in an eye-catching dark gray, navy or black accent wall. Photo credits: @thegraymodernfarmhouse, @house_of_picketts and @haleydoeshouses


Stacked Style

Touchstone Electric Fireplaces with wood paneling walls

A Touchstone Electric Fireplace flanked by wood panels adds texture in a variety of styles from rustic to ultra modern. For a clean, simple look, the modern farmhouse white shiplap with a reclaimed wood mantel is a popular pick. Photo credits: Blu Sequoia Modern, @petesconstructionllc, JMAP Homes


 Sassy Style

Touchstone Electric Fireplaces highlighted by bold wallpaper coverings

A bold wallpaper print or textured wall covering plus a Touchstone Electric Fireplace creates a stunning centerpiece. Photo credits: customers Blu Sequoia Modern, Victoria and Simeon.


Get More Style Inspiration

Visit the Touchstone Photo Gallery to see more Touchstone Electric Fireplace installations and find your perfect style. 

Learn More About Touchstone Electric Fireplaces

With a wide range of sizes and styles of electric fireplaces, Touchstone Home Products makes it easy to find the best fireplace to show off your style.