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Triple the Style - Three Fireplace Accent Walls for the 3-Sided Touchstone Sideline Infinity Electric Fireplace

The Touchstone Sideline Infinity 3 Sided Electric Fireplace in a black shiplap accent wall by @thechappellresidence

This trio of fireplace accent walls show the versatility of the three-sided Touchstone Sideline® Infinity Smart Electric Fireplace. The Infinity’s multi-angle, frame-less design adds dimension and elegance to these featured homes.

The Chappell Residence family recently built their second custom home and included the Touchstone Sideline Infinity 60-inch Smart Electric Fireplace in their spacious living room. When they sold their first custom home, they were sad to leave their Touchstone fireplace behind and couldn’t wait to add a new one to this home.

Closeup of the Touchstone Sideline Infinity 60 in a black shiplap accent wall by @thechappellresidence

Nestled in a dark shiplap accent wall that extends to the vaulted ceiling, the Sideline Infinity Electric Fireplace’s beautiful flames are visible from the sides and front.

Heather, @thechappellresidence, shares, “Originally, I planned for this to be white but as we started building and doing more finishing work, I thought that pop of black would look great and complement the black windows.”

The Chappell Residence fireplace accent wall building progression featuring Touchstone Sideline® Infinity Smart Electric Fireplace

See the room transformation in @thechappellresidence Instagram reel: 

Touchstone Sideline Infinity 72 Electric Fireplace in built in wall with shelves by Nick's Custom Woodwork

Sized Right for a Full Length Built-in

Another repeat (and three-peat + more) Touchstone customer, Nick’s Custom Woodworks in Hilliard, Florida recently completed a white shiplap built-in featuring the 72-inch wide Sideline Infinity 72 Smart Electric Fireplace. This length is the perfect fit for a full width accent wall and scales nicely with an 85-inch flat screen television or artwork.

Nick's Custom Woodworks installs a Touchstone Sideline Infinity Smart Electric Fireplace in a custom built wall with shelving.

Watch the installation progression in this Instagram reel by Nick's Custom Woodworks

Touchstone Sideline Infinity 60 Smart Electric Fireplace installed in a living room by @middleclassmomma

A Room with a View and a Multi-view Fireplace

Overlooking Lake Superior, this custom home is being built from the ground up by Bridney @middleclassmamma and her husband Erich. The stunning living room features ceiling to floor windows and a fireplace accent wall with a multi-view 3-sided Sideline Infinity Smart Electric Fireplace.

Fireplace wall and vaulted ceiling living room under construction with space for the Touchstone electric fireplace. Photo credit @middleclassmamma

Bridney shares, "I have always dreamed of having a gorgeous fire to sit around and make memories with my family. The big windows and lake view, mixed with the movie theatre size TV and the absolutely stunning Infinity fire from @touchstonehomeproducts - this is a dream come true.

A Touchstone Sideline Infinity adds to the multi-view living room by @middleclassmamma

More About Sideline Infinity Electric Fireplaces

Available in a variety of widths, the Sideline® Infinity is a three-sided electric fireplace with views of the flame display from all angles. This fireplace is WiFi-enabled for easy mobile app and smart device operation. The realistic flame display includes 60 flame and ember color combinations. This all-season fireplace has a heater with thermostat and can be enjoyed with the flames on, with or without heat, all year long.

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