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The Ultimate Bathroom Makeover with a Cozy WiFi Enabled Electric Fireplace

Touchstone Sideline 36 Electric Fireplace in farmhouse style bathroom by @robertsbarndolife

Every day can be a spa day with an electric fireplace in your bathroom—just wrap yourself in a soft towel after a long bath, apply a face mask, and bask in the warmth. Installing a Touchstone® Electric Fireplace in your bathroom will not only add warmth and comfort to your daily shower, but it will also increase the value of your overall home. Pictured above, The Touchstone Sideline® 36 Electric Fireplace by @robertsbarndolife

From Ordinary Bathroom to In-Home Spa Getaway

Easily transform an ordinary bathroom renovation into a spa-like retreat with a Touchstone electric fireplace insert. Affordable and easy to install, Touchstone recessed and wall mount electric fireplaces are available in a variety of sizes to fit any space from guest bathroom to master bathroom.

Touchstone Sideline 36 Electric Fireplace recessed in bathroom wall, showing orange flames and crystal flame base

Touchstone Sideline 36 Electric Fireplace

Remote-Controlled Serenity

Soak up the serenity of the relaxing, realistic LED flame display and coziness of the built-in heater with timer - all adjustable by remote control. Touchstone also offers a variety of smart electric fireplaces with advanced technology including built-in Bluetooth® speakers and Amazon Alexa® and Google Home® compatibility for the ultimate in-home getaway.

Touchstone Sideline Elite Smart Electric Fireplace featured in Family Handyman Bathroom Renovation

As Featured in Family Handyman

From a complete bathroom makeover to a simple electric fireplace addition, Touchstone Electric Fireplaces are easy to integrate into any project. Family Handyman provides a step-by-step, detailed bathroom renovation project plan featuring the Touchstone® Sideline Elite Smart Electric Fireplace. Their installation experts provide helpful tips for installing an electric fireplace in any spot.

Check out the Family Handyman bathroom renovation project plans here:

Touchstone Sideline Elite Electric Fireplace featured in Family Handyman publication

Photo copyright: Family Handyman

Hands-Free Voice Commands

"Alexa®, turn on the fireplace." Put Alexa® to work while you relax in the bath. The Sideline Elite Smart Electric Fireplace featured in Family Handyman is WiFi-enabled and compatible with popular voice-activated smart home devices. Control the fireplace settings by remote control, mobile app, Amazon Alexa® or Google Home®.

Touchstone Sideline Elite Smart Electric Fireplace recessed in a bathroom renovation by customer Hermanshu

The Sideline Elite 42 Electric Fireplace, photo credit customer Hermanshu

Sing in the Shower with a Bluetooth® Fireplace

Add your own soundtrack with the Touchstone AudioFlare Bluetooth®-enabled Electric Fireplace. The built-in speaker lets you belt out your favorite tunes from the comfort of your bathtub.

The Quickest Bathroom Fireplace Installation

No need for a bathroom renovation - simply hang a fireplace on the wall. Touchstone wall mount electric fireplaces, including the AudioFlare, can be hung directly on the wall with the included wall mount bracket.

Touchstone AudioFlare Electric Fireplace with a Bluetooth® built in speaker installed in a bathroom

Touchstone AudioFlare Bluetooth® Speaker Electric Fireplace

Bathroom Fireplace Safety

As with any electrical device in the bathroom, use caution when operating an electric fireplace near water. Ensure the fireplace is secured tightly to the wall and cannot fall into water. Use the remote control to power the fireplace on/off and adjust the settings. Always supervise children while any electrical device in use.

The Right Size For Your Personal Retreat

Touchstone Electric Fireplaces are available in a variety of sizes to fit your bathroom. Popular models for bathrooms include the Sideline Electric Fireplace in 28-inch, 36-inch, 40-inch and 45-inch widths. The 40-inch wide Forte Electric Fireplace is another popular choice for DIY bathroom remodels.

See the Touchstone Sideline 36 Electric Fireplace in Action