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The More the Merrier: How to Style Multiple Touchstone Fireplaces for Your Home

Touchstone Sideline 50 Electric Fireplace in boho living room by @idahomebody

Enjoy double the fun and double the comfort with two (or more) Touchstone® electric fireplaces for different rooms in your house. It doesn’t matter if it’s the living room, master bedroom, children’s bedrooms, bathroom, or even the kitchen, these smoke-free electric fireplaces are safe to install just about anywhere. Pictured above, the Touchstone Sideline 50 Electric Fireplace in a shiplap accent wall reflects the relaxation of the boho style living room by @idahomebody.

Need a spark of inspiration? Here are some of our favorite projects created by customers who love their Touchstone fireplaces so much, they got another one (or two, or three...)

@idahomebody uses Touchstone electric fireplaces in her living room, master bedroom and RVTouchstone ValueLine™ 42 and Sideline® 50 Electric Fireplaces, @idahomebody

A Trio of Touchstone Electric Fireplaces

After finishing her stunning living room fireplace project, Annalee Taylor (@idahomebody) decided to get a second Touchstone® electric fireplace for her master bedroom. “It has so many cool features and is so easy to use! I can’t get enough of these electric fireplaces from @touchstonehomeproducts,” she writes on Instagram.

If you are on a tight budget, Touchstone fireplaces can be easily installed without spending a fortune on construction supplies. Annalee praises Touchstone’s simple and cost-effective installation process. “When we built out the first fireplace wall in the living room, we had to do some construction and whatnot,” she writes. “With this one we just built a box around it for a quick and easy install - also to show you that you don’t need a lot of tools or construction to have one of these bad boys! Just an electric outlet and a wall to hang it on!”

Touchstone Sideline 36 Electric Fireplace in RV by @idahomebodyTouchstone Sideline® 36 Electric Fireplace in RV media cabinet by @idahomebody

Annalee brought her love of Touchstone fireplaces on the road, adding a Sideline® 36 Electric Fireplace to the family RV. The 36-inch width is ideal for small spaces, and the cool-to-the-touch glass front is safe for high traffic areas. 

“Heating Things Up” in a Finished Basement

Blogger Jhackie Boychew (@athomewithjhackie1) loves how her Touchstone Sideline 40 Electric Fireplace adds an extra bit of comfort to her master bedroom, so she ordered another model to liven up her newly finished basement. Admiring the sophisticated look of these electric fireplaces, she writes, “the modern and sleek design was perfect for our basement and the best part was no framing was involved! It’s a wall mounted electric fireplace.”

Touchstone Sideline 40 Electric Fireplace and Ivory Electric Fireplace by @athomewithjhackieTouchstone Sideline® 40 and Ivory Electric Fireplaces, @athomewithjhackie1

Mercedes McGee’s Two DIY Projects

Diversify your style like DIY extraordinaire Mercedes McGee ( by creating two entirely different fireplace looks in two different rooms. In her living room, Mercedes built a fireplace mantel with dark tiles to highlight the flames of the Touchstone Forte Electric Fireplace. For a lighter vibe in another room, she is building her new bedroom fireplace wall with roman clay paint to add a soft and cozy texture.

Touchstone Forte Electric Fireplace and Sideline Steel Electric Fireplace styled by @withlovemercedesThe Forte and non reflective Sideline Steel 50 Electric Fireplaces,

The non-reflective Sideline Steel 50 Electric Fireplace with a glass-free fireplace screen front is perfect for the bedroom.  “I’m still so in love with the fireplace in the living room that I knew I wanted to include one in this makeover too!” she writes about her bedroom renovation.

Two Fireplaces by Astra Spanbauer, the 2022 Brand Ambassador for American Farmhouse Style

Astra Spanbauer (@athomewithastra), blogger and Brand Ambassador for American Farmhouse Style, completed two DIY fireplace projects in her home. She adores her living room’s Sideline Elite smart fireplace, commending its advanced technology and homey presence in her relaxed space. She writes in her blog “I can adjust the brightness, size, and color of the flames and coals. The fireplace is also WiFi enabled and can be controlled with my phone using an app or by ALEXA! It also heats up to 400 sq. ft! It’s super cozy and ready for Fall!” Recently, she added the Touchstone Sideline 36 model to her bedroom’s brick wall.

@athomewithastra adds a Touchstone Sideline Elite® Smart Electric Fireplace in the living room and a Sideline® 36 in the bedroomSideline Elite® 50 and Sideline 36 Electric Fireplaces, @athomewithastra

Whether you want to build a new fireplace mantel for your living room or mount a fireplace on your existing bedroom wall, Touchstone electric fireplaces are easy to install and look great with any interior design style. Check out our numerous fireplace models and sizes to choose the ones that best fit for each of your rooms.

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