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The Evolution of the Elevate® TV Lift Cabinet Collection

Elevate TV Lift Cabinet in Honey Oak positioned at the end of the bed

Updated March 2024

A favorite hidden TV solution for more than a decade, the Touchstone Elevate TV Lift Cabinet collection continues to evolve with television technology. Designed for large flat screen televisions, the Grand Elevate collection easily fits most 65-inch televisions. The smaller Elevate model is perfect for housing a 50-inch or smaller flat screen television.

Quality, Inside and Out

If it’s what’s inside that counts, the Elevate TV Lift Cabinet raises the standard for a built-in, motorized TV lift mechanism. Every Touchstone TV lift cabinet is outfitted with a top rated Touchstone® TV Lift Mechanism. Known for quietness, reliability and unmatched performance, the motorized Touchstone® TV lift smoothly moves the TV in and out of the cabinet in seconds. The Grand Elevate includes the Whisper Lift PRO, with advanced technology including IR capability, lift height memory and 12v trigger for automation. The smaller Elevate models come standard with an SRV Pro® Smart TV Lift.

Solidly Built Cabinetry

The exterior of the TV lift cabinet matches the quality within. The TV lift cabinet is solidly built with hardwood and wood veneers, and is fully assembled. Simply attach the TV lift mechanism inside the cabinet and mount your TV to the lift mechanism. Touchstone’s quick connect system is compatible with most TV manufacturers for quick and easy TV mounting.

Touchstone Elevate TV Lift Cabinet from front to back

Easy TV Concealment

A TV lift cabinet is ideal for watching TV in a room with lots of windows or open areas and limited wall space for a large screen television. The Elevate collection is finished on four sides for versatile placement at the end of a bed or as a room divider. The Elevate is often used in a multipurpose room such as a home office that doubles as a guest room.

Versatile Style

The Elevate’s simple design blends nicely with existing furniture. The Elevate is available in a wide variety of wood finishes, including unfinished, to match any room. The popular Elevate Mission adds turn-of-the-century Arts and Crafts style. The Leather Wrapped Elevate steamer trunk style TV lift cabinet has been featured in many design TV shows on A&E® and DIY® networks.

The Elevate® in Action

Watch the video and see the Elevate TV Lift Cabinet in action: