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Relax at Home: DIY Fireplace Projects

Touchstone DIY fireplace with @diyinspiredhouse

Looking for a way to relax? For many, there is great satisfaction in watching a project from start to finish. Shifting your focus to the planning and progression of a DIY home project can be good for the spirit – and the value of your property. To spread some serenity, we have compiled some of our favorite DIY electric fireplace projects shared by Touchstone Home Products' customers. 

Photo credit above: @diyinspiredhouse

Add Serenity to Any Room

A maintenance-free electric fireplace adds beauty and calmness to any room. Check out these recent projects to see how easy it is to add a fireplace to your home.

DIY Fireplace with the Cali Boud family

This DIY Fireplace project by Cali*Boud keeps the whole family busy.

DIY Family Time

The whole family pitches in to help build a custom mantel featuring the recessed Touchstone Sideline 72 Electric Fireplace. YouTuber Cali*Boud shares lots of tips and shows how it’s done in the 2-part video series.

Watch Cali*Boud DIY Fireplace, Part 1

Cali*Boud DIY Fireplace, Part 2

More DIY Family Time with the Farmer's Wife

Touchstone Electric Fireplace DIY by the Farmer's Wife

All hands on deck with the Farmer's Wife shiplap DIY Fireplace.

The Farmer’s Wife shares their Touchstone ValueLine 60 Electric Fireplace installation in detail from unboxing the fireplace to the bump out wall.

Instagram Inspo

We love to see the DIY electric fireplace inspiration and collaboration in our vibrant Instagram community. Check out some of our favorite Touchstone DIY fireplace projects on Instagram.


Touchstone Home Products DIY fireplace with @fallonshomestead


See the progression of the DIY fireplace project featuring the Touchstone Sideline 50 Electric Fireplace by @fallonshomestead:

Touchstone Home Products DIY fireplace thebloomingnest Instagram


One of the original Touchstone DIY fireplace projects, @thebloomingnest continues to inspire other Instagrammers with their clever build and beautiful style.

See the highlights on Instagram:


Featured at the top, the @diyinspiredhouse fireplace DIY project is fun to watch from framing of the bump out wall to the finished fireplace.

Check out the highlights on Instagram:

In Progress: Watch As This Project Progresses

Touchstone Home Product DIY fireplace with @ourhavenbliss

Follow this project in real-time on Instagram. The @ourhavenbliss family is busy building their dream fireplace using a bump out wall and a Touchstone Sideline 36 Electric Fireplace. We can't wait to see the final result!

Watch the progress:

Prefer to Watch and Not Build?

You can enjoy your own DIY fireplace area without saws and power tools. Touchstone wall mount electric fireplaces attach directly to the wall and include a mounting bracket. Simply hang it on your wall - easy! Watch as Jon Peters of Jon Peters Art & Home unboxes and installs the Touchstone Ivory Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

More DIY Fireplace Inspiration For You:

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