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New Electric Fireplace Widths, Frame Colors and Built-in Technology

Touchstone Sideline 40 Electric Fireplace recessed into a light stone mantel

By popular demand, Touchstone Home Products recently added several new electric fireplaces, including the 100-inch wide Sideline® 100 Electric Fireplace, Bluetooth®- enabled AudioFlare® Electric Fireplace and Stainless Metal Onyx® Electric Fireplace. Built with the same top quality operation and beautiful LED flame displays, these new Touchstone electric fireplaces offer even more options for adding a maintenance-free fireplace to a home or workplace. Pictured above, Sideline 40 Electric Fireplace, courtesy of customer Tara.

More Sideline® Fireplace Sizes


Touchstone Sideline 40 Electric Fireplaces with faux logs and close up of flame display

Touchstone has expanded the best selling Sideline Recessed Electric Fireplace product line with new widths: the 40-inch wide Sideline 40, 45-inch wide Sideline 45, and 100-inch wide Sideline 100. The new Sideline 50 in White offers a wall insert electric fireplace with a white metal frame. All Sideline Electric Fireplaces feature natural looking LED flames and include both faux wood and crystals for a customized look. Easily adjust the flame colors, intensity and heat settings by remote control. With so many width choices, the Sideline collection is easy to install in any space from the bathroom to the great room. Pictured above, Sideline 40 Electric Fireplace with faux logs, courtesy of customer Don.

Turn On the Flames and Turn Up the Music

Touchstone AudioFlare Electric Fireplace mounted on a wall

The new AudioFlare® Electric Fireplace with built-in Bluetooth® technology easily synchs with your favorite playlist. This wall recessed electric fireplace features a stainless metal frame and colorful flames.

Wide Selection of Wall Mount Fireplace Styles

The popular “plug and play” wall mount Onyx Electric Fireplace collection adds a stainless metal frame to the mix. This ultra modern electric fireplace includes a wall mount bracket for hassle-free installation. Simply hang the fireplace on the wall, plug it in and enjoy the realistic looking flames.

Quick and Easy Wall Mount Installation

Check out this installation video featuring the white-framed Ivory model and see how easy it is to install the Onyx collection.



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