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Meet the Elite: The New Touchstone Sideline Elite Electric Fireplace Collection

Touchstone Sideline Elite 60 Electric Fireplace with 60 color combinations

By popular demand, we’ve expanded the Sideline® Electric Fireplace series to include the new, advanced Elite model. The wall recessed Sideline Elite offers more features including a larger flame display, more flame colors and a built-in thermostat.

This Elite electric fireplace collection is available in three sizes and features all the best selling qualities of the Sideline series: easy installation, smoke-free ambiance, all-season compatibility and cool-to-the-touch safety.

Sideline Elite 50 Electric Fireplace recessed into a stone mantel by Touchstone Home Products customer James
Image credit: Touchstone Customer James

New and Improved LED Flames with 60 Color Combinations

With the most vibrant flame display available, the Sideline Elite offers a dazzling array of color combinations. The media bed base of the fireplace also changes colors, providing 60 flame/media bed combinations to match any room décor or mood. The Sideline Elite includes a log set, crystals and driftwood to customize to your style. This technologically advanced electric fireplace remembers the flame and media colors for use with light switches and smart outlets.

Enjoy in Any Season or Climate

The built-in heater provides supplemental heat to a room and operates independently from the flame display, so the fireplace can be enjoyed all year long. Two heat settings and a built-in thermometer provide precise heat control.

Easy Installation

The Sideline Elite is easy to recess into a wall, bump-out wall or other enclosure for a flush mount finish. You can also mount directly on the wall if desired. The included mounting brackets and hardware ensure stress-free installation.

Touchstone Sideline Elite Electric Fireplace is available in three widths: 50 inch, 60 inch and 72 inch.


Available in 3 Sizes

With three widths to choose from, the Sideline Elite offers the best fit for any room. Choose from the 50-inch Sideline Elite 50, 60-inch Sideline Elite 60 or 72-inch Sideline Elite 72.

What Other Shoppers Say About the Sideline Elite

We love this fireplace. The flames look very real, and the amount of control is exceptional (flame color, ember color, brightness levels, speed). I'm so glad we picked this unit. I look forward to years of use.” – James K.

“…This is an elegant and realistic electric fireplace. It looks pretty darn real on some settings. The flames are soothing and relaxing. While a big fan of real fires, my wife is allergic to the smoke so this turned out to be a great option. Because it turns on with a flick of a switch I will probably use it every day. While everyone knows that there is no smell, soot, smoke, carrying firewood. risk of fire etc. etc. I didn't anticipate how much more often I would use it versus the hassles of a real fire. The options are endless, although many of them aren't my taste, as I like to look as realistic as possible. The color arrays are impressive. Easy install once you have a place made for it…” - Rick

“…The fireplace arrived quickly and in good condition. I have plugged it in to check it out and the flames are realistic, the small bevel around it will look great once installed. Lastly, there are so many options on the remote to customize the fireplace this will work for any scenario. I would definitely recommend buying this model.” – Brian

Watch the Video

Watch the video and see the Sideline Elite premium features in action: