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Maximize Your Space with a Corner Electric Fireplace

Touchstone Sideline Electric Fireplace installed in the corner wall by @benandlacedesign

Without the need for a chimney or venting, you can easily make the most of any corner of your home with the addition of a Touchstone Electric Fireplace. Touchstone’s vibrant, realistic LED flames brighten up the corner of a room and safely add extra heat when needed.

Transform an Empty Corner into a Focal Point

Pictured at top, Ben + Lace Interior Design cleverly use a Touchstone Sideline Electric Fireplace to transform an empty corner into the hallmark of their living room. “So much more cozy in this space with an added fireplace,” the interior designers share via Instagram. Photo credit: @benandlacedesign

A Cozy Corner Fireplace for the Bedroom

Corner fireplaces effectively save floor space - ideal for a smaller-sized bedroom or home office. The compact Touchstone Sideline 28 inch and Sideline 36 Electric Fireplaces fit perfectly in space-saving corner installations.

Touchstone Sideline 28 Electric Fireplace in a corner wall installation by @our.nohai.home

Touchstone Sideline 28 Electric Fireplace, photo credit: @our.nohai.home

If you love the cottage core aesthetic, then you’ll adore this corner bedroom fireplace by interior designer Krystal Nohai. For her modern farmhouse bedroom, Krystal built a corner fireplace wall featuring mortarless stone veneers and a TV. Her rustic DIY mantel was made with pieces of wood stained with tung oil.

“We are still obsessed with our Touchstone electric fireplace insert, and I don’t think we have turned it off since we installed it!..I love the ambiance at night,” shares Krystal.

A Room with an Extra View

Customer Dave puts his corner wall to good use with a DIY accent wall featuring the 36-inch wide Touchstone Sideline 36 Electric Fireplace. Flanked by full length windows overlooking a serene tropical view, the Touchstone fireplace corner offers another relaxing view (and supplemental heat on chilly Florida nights).

Touchstone Home Products customer Dave shares his corner installation of the Touchstone Sideline 36 Electric Fireplace

Touchstone Sideline 36 Electric Fireplace, photo credit: Customer Dave

Dave shares, "Just wanted to thank you for such a great product. We love our new TS fireplace. What amazed me was how simple it was to install. This is a new room addition for us, and the fireplace just makes the room."

Easy Transformation with a Touchstone Encase Surround Mantel

For those looking for a quick fix, the Touchstone Encase Surround Floor Mantel is easy to assemble and can be placed anywhere in a room. Style influencer Michelle positioned the Encase with the Sideline Elite Forte Smart Electric Fireplace in a corner nook. This easy DIY home project livens up a tiny room in her home.

Touchstone Encase Surround Mantel with Forte Elite Smart Electric Fireplace positioned in corner by

Touchstone Encase Surround Mantel with Forte Elite Smart Electric Fireplace, photo credit

Michelle explains, "It’s a small room in the front of my house and has been in need of a change for a long time. I have always envisioned a fireplace under the mounted TV, and thanks to Touchstone Home Products, this is now a reality...I absolutely love it!”

Touchstone In Your Corner

At Touchstone, we love to see your finished projects. Our team works hard to develop the best electric fireplaces for every spot in your home or business. As a family company in Pennsylvania, we especially love the support within our Touchstone community. Thank you for sharing your design and installation tips to inspire others.

Touchstone Sideline Elite 42 Refurbished Electric Fireplace installed in a corner wall by customer Brett

Touchstone Sideline Elite 50 Refurbished Electric Fireplace, Photo credit: Customer Brett

Brett shares via his 5-star product review: "Excellent, clean design with an impressive flame pattern. I saw the opportunity to purchase this unit refurbished and could not be any more pleased with it. This unit looked brand new to be honest. Highly recommend Touchstone. Customer service also worth mentioning. Friendly and knowledgeable.

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