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In Full View: Meet the Frame-less Emblazon Electric Fireplace Collection

Touchstone Emblazon 96 Electric Fireplace offers a frameless edge to edge flame display.

Touchstone Home Products has expanded its popular frame-less Emblazon electric fireplace collection and now offers four widths to fit in just about any room design. The open face Emblazon electric fireplace series provides a stunning, edge-to-edge flame presentation for a modern look.

No Gas Lines or Venting Required

Emblazon Electric Fireplaces are popular with builders and homeowners looking for an affordable alternative to a linear gas fireplace. The Emblazon easily inserts into a wall without the need for a gas line or venting. The cool-to-the-touch front display is child and pet friendly. The flames are easy to operate by remote control.

4 Widths to Fit Your Wall Space

Now available in four widths, the Emblazon adds a dramatic flame effect to any room. The 50-inch wide Emblazon 50 and the 60-inch wide Emblazon 60 are ideal for sharing wall space with a wall-mounted flat screen television. For a complete wall-to wall fireplace effect, choose the room length Emblazon 72 or Emblazon 96 electric fireplaces.

Stunning Flames Without Heat

A favorite for adding ambiance to a restaurant or lobby area, the Emblazon electric fireplace provides comforting flickering LED flames without heat, ensuring a comfortable uniform room temperature for all guests. A heater is available by special order if desired.

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