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How to Install a Touchstone TV Lift Mechanism in 3 Easy Steps

Touchstone Whisper Lift II TV Lift Mechanism in the up position

Trusted by AV professionals, builders and woodworking hobbyists, Touchstone Whisper Lift II TV lift mechanisms are known for reliability, quiet operation and ease of use. Notably, Touchstone TV lifts also get top reviews for simple installation.

Fully Assembled Mechanism

Unlike other brands, Touchstone’s Whisper Lift II TV lift mechanisms come fully assembled, saving installers lots of time. This means the actuator, base and extension arms are completely connected. Simply plug in the control box and power supply, attach the TV mounting brackets and TV, and the lift is fully operational.

Touchstone Whisper Lift II what comes in the box

Out of the Box Installation

In the box, you’ll find the lift mechanism, TV mounting brackets, cross brackets, TV mounting screws, control box, wired remote control, wireless remote control and the power supply. The motorized lift mechanism requires no extra installation.

Tools You Will Need

You’ll need the following tools: Philips-head screwdriver, Size 4 metric hex wrench, Size 5 metric hex wrench, Adjustable wrench or Size 4 and Size 5 metric socket wrench.

The Touchstone Whisper Lift II TV Lift mechanism mounted to the the base of the cabinet.

Step 1: Mount the Lift Mechanism

Attach the Whisper Lift II TV Lift Mechanism to a cabinet, floor, wall or other surface as desired using wood screws (not included). The Whisper Lift II TV Lift has 8 pre-drilled mount points: 2 on the back of the lift and 6 on the base.

Mount and connect the Whisper Lift control box and power supply.

Step 2: Mount and Connect the Control Box and Power Supply

Attach the control box, power supply and wired remote. We recommend mounting the control box behind the lift mechanism for easy access to the plug inserts. (Refer to the detailed instructions included in the box for best placement for your particular installation). For the Advanced Pro Swivel model, attach the swivel safety sensor also.

Attach the TV mounting brackets and TV to the WhisperLift II TV lift mechanism.

Step 3: Attach the TV Brackets and TV to the Lift Mechanism

Power on the lift mechanism and raise the lift. Attach the horizontal cross brackets to the lift mechanism. Attach the TV mount brackets to the back of the TV. Secure the TV’s mount brackets onto the horizontal brackets and lock into place.

Attach the included TV mounting brackets to the back of the TV.

Quick Connect™ TV Mounting

The Touchstone Quick Connect system includes mounting screws that are compatible with most flat screen television models. Please consult your TV manufacturer for the specific size and length of the mounting screws required for your TV. If the screws included in the kit do not fit your television, these screws can be purchased at most hardware or home improvement stores.

Watch the Video

Watch the video to watch the step-by-step installation of the Whisper Lift II TV Lift Mechanism into a Touchstone TV Lift Cabinet.

Pop Up or Drop Down TV Lift

The Whisper Lift II can be used as a pop up lift from within a cabinet, shelf or floor, or it can be flipped around and installed as a drop down lift mechanism from the ceiling or wall.

All Whisper Lift II Lift Mechanisms include detailed installation instructions. The Touchstone Home Products customer support team is available Monday through Friday during normal business hours (Eastern Time) to offer technical support and answer installation questions. Contact Us.