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Holiday Ready Electric Fireplaces: Easy to Install and Fun to Decorate

Touchstone Forte Electric Fireplace recessed in a shiplap wall with Thanksgiving decor by @adamspartyofsix

You may know the practical benefits of a Touchstone® electric fireplace: energy efficiency, supplemental heat, cool-to-the-touch front glass – but one of our favorite features is the fun the fireplace adds to your space. The versatile electric fireplace is a blank canvas for any holiday – add some festive décor, match the flames to the occasion and celebrate. From Diwali to Dia de Los Muertos, Canada Day and the Fourth of July, your fireplace can reflect your special days. Photo credit at top: Touchstone Forte Electric Fireplace, @adamspartyofsix

How to Start

The first step to a festive fireplace is the actual fireplace. A Touchstone wall mount electric fireplace is the easiest to add to your home. Simply mount the included mounting bracket to your wall, attach the fireplace to the bracket, and plug the fireplace into a standard 120v electrical outlet. For a seamless look, paint the cord cover to match your wall or tuck the cord behind the fireplace unit.

Easy Wall Mount Installation

Here is a step-by-step video showing the installation of the Touchstone Ivory Wall Mount Electric Fireplace. The  white framed Ivory Electric Fireplace is part of the Touchstone Onyx collection.

Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace Installation

You can also hang our popular Sideline and Sideline Elite recessed electric fireplaces directly on the wall. With this installation, the fireplace will not be completely flush with the wall.

For a flush mount, recessed installation, you can insert a Touchstone Recessed Electric Fireplace into the wall or build a bump out frame around the fireplace. You can also build your own fireplace enclosure. You can top with a mantel and cover the wall with tile, shiplap, stone – whatever matches your style. Unlike a gas or wood burning fireplace, a Touchstone® electric fireplace doesn’t require venting, so you can install one just about anywhere.

Colorful Celebrations

Now that you have a beautiful focal point in your room, you can decorate the fireplace area with seasonal décor. Adjust the premium LED flame colors to match your holiday, favorite team or other theme. The Sideline Elite and Sideline Infinity have 60 flame and base color combinations for the best color coordination.

Safety Tips For Electric Fireplace Holiday Decor

If you want to hang your stockings by the fireplace with care, please be sure to turn the heat off. Keep all fabric, paper and other flammable material away from the fireplace's heat vents. Please refer to the product manual for important safety information.

Touchstone Sideline Elite Electric Fireplace with orange flames and green flame base to celebrate St. Patricks Day

Year-Round Holiday Fireplace Style Inspiration

Touchstone electric fireplaces feature independent flame and heat controls, so you can enjoy the fireplace in any season or climate. This means you can deck the halls and turn on the colorful flame display for every holiday.

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Touchstone electric fireplaces decorated for every month of the year
Photo credits:
January: Touchstone Onyx Stainless Electric Fireplace, @thesuburbanstylist
February Touchstone Forte Electric Fireplace, @kristine.jayne
March: Touchstone Sideline Elite Electric Fireplace, @touchstonehomeproducts
April: Touchstone Forte Electric Fireplace, @houseofus
May: Touchstone ValueLine Electric Fireplace, @nykie_designs
June: Touchstone Sideline Elite Electric Fireplace, @touchstonehomeproducts
July: Touchstone Sideline Electric Fireplace, @robertsbarndolife
August: Touchstone Sideline Electric Fireplace, @anniemcsam
September: Touchstone Sideline Elite Electric Fireplace, @redbrickfauxfarmhouse
October: Touchstone ValueLine Electric Fireplace, @ashtonsedita
November: Touchstone Forte Electric Fireplace, @adamspartyofsix
December: Touchstone Forte Electric Fireplace, @simplyminedesigns