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Behind the Scenes at Touchstone Home Products: An Online Store with a Small Business Heart

The American flag proudly waves at the Touchstone Home Products Exton, Pennsylvania facility
Touchstone Home Products Exton, Pennsylvania facility

Click, search, pay and unpack. In the online shopping pioneer days before the iPhone, Touchstone Home Products, Inc. started as many businesses do – a few good friends and family members discovering cool products they love and working hard to bringing them to market. In the early days, this group of friends from the Philly suburbs embraced ever-evolving online shopping technology to expand their reach. Drawing on their pre-e-commerce experience, they equally prioritized good, old fashioned customer service.

Contactless Shopping and a Personal Touch

With decades of online shopping advancements, it’s easy to forget there are humans behind the “add to cart” button. Twenty plus years later, our team works hard to deliver a fast, easy online experience for those who want a streamlined, contactless purchase. We work just as hard to deliver a friendly personalized shopping journey, offering touchpoints along the way for those who want more of an in-store experience.

We Never Outsource Customer Service

We continue to grow, while offering the same small shop, in-house customer service. We are still a local family business, with the second generation now at work and the third generation in training. When shoppers contact us by phone, live chat or email, they are often surprised to learn the person on the other end is a Touchstone employee, located in Exton, PA, not a bot.

Touchstone Home Products Exton PA showroom with vice president Frank Quinlisk and director of sales Evan Bradlee

Touchstone Home Products Vice President Frank Quinlisk and Director of Sales Evan Bradlee

We don’t outsource customer service. Our customer service and East Coast distribution is in the same building, giving our team hands-on knowledge about our products. Our team knows our electric fireplaces, TV lifts and TV lift cabinets inside and out, and many of our employees have been with us from the start. Our business is not owned by international investors. We are a U.S. company and proud to be part of our local community.

Touchstone Home Products warehouse in United States

Philly Local

Our facility in Exton, PA is located about 30 miles from Philadelphia. Our showroom is open by appointment to local customers. Please call to schedule a time to visit. COVID safety protocols are currently in place, and face masks are required. We also have a warehouse in California for fast delivery from coast to coast.

Visit Us Virtually

For a virtual, in-store experience, visit the Touchstone YouTube channel, where you will find hands-on product videos featuring the Touchstone team, filmed right here at our facility in Exton, PA.

At Home With Touchstone

There is nothing more personal than your home, and we thank you for trusting Touchstone products in your special place. We are proud of the welcoming community our customers have created with us and with each other. Thank you for sharing your Touchstone product photos, videos, installation tips and support. Follow Touchstone Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest to join the community and be sure to tag #touchstonehomeproducts. You can also see customer fireplace, TV lift and TV lift cabinet installations at the Touchstone product photo gallery.

We Listen to You

Real Touchstone employees read your product reviews and take your feedback to heart. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We use the products we sell, and we add the products we would love in our own homes. We love to see the same products bringing joy to your homes as well.

Touchstone Home Products Director of Sales and a customer service team member

What Does “Touchstone” Mean?

Naming a business is often a challenge. We knew we wanted a name to reflect our genuine care for our customers. A “touchstone” is a black siliceous stone used to test the authenticity of gold and silver. A “touchstone” also figuratively determines quality and sets the standard of how things should be. At Touchstone Home Products, our mission is to set the highest standard for customer service and deliver an authentic, personalized shopping experience from the comfort of your home, on your favorite device. Thank you for the opportunity.