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Behind the Build | What You Need to Know about the TechTeak® Outdoor TV Lift Cabinet

Touchstone TechTeak Outdoor TV Lift Cabinet on patio with Touchstone outdoor electric fireplace

By popular demand, Touchstone Home Products has added an outdoor TV lift cabinet, combining top performing TV lift technology with weather-resistant 100% Grade A Plantation teak wood. The Touchstone TechTeak® product line is designed to protect your outdoor TV from the elements and bring your in-home entertainment outside.

Relax on your outdoor deck, pergola, patio or pool area, while watching your favorite TV shows, sporting events and movies on a big screen. The 3-door TechTeak® TV Lift Cabinet can fit a 65-inch flat screen outdoor television or smaller. When the TV is not in use, the motorized TV lift lowers your outdoor TV into the protective cabinet.

Touchstone TechTeak Outdoor TV Lift Teak Cabinet in down position

The Wi-Fi enabled Touchstone SRV Pro TV Lift Mechanism is Amazon Alexa® and Google Home® certified. With Touchstone’s free app, you can easily raise and lower your TV from your mobile phone. You can also configure Alexa® and Google Home® voice commands to control the TV lift.

Closeup of Touchstone TechTeak Outdoor TV Lift Cabinet flat top lid

Made from the Best Grade A Plantation Teak Wood

Touchstone has chosen the best Grade A Plantation teak wood for long lasting weather resistance and wear. Unlike other wood or outdoor furniture materials, this teak pop up TV cabinet will retain its luxurious look and age well through the seasons. Teak wood is a natural choice for outdoor use because it contains natural compounds that resist moisture, pest damage and UV degradation.

What Does Grade A Teak Mean?

The area of the teak tree where the wood comes from determines the wood grade. Grade A teak is the best quality teak wood from the center or heart of the tree. Teak heart wood has a consistent, close wood grain with warm gold and honey tones. This premium center cut is rich with natural protective oils. Touchstone TechTeak® TV Lift Cabinets are made with top quality Grade A Teak Plantation Wood.

Indonesian teak forest

What Does Plantation Teak Mean?

Touchstone uses renewable and sustainable Plantation teak wood, which is exclusively grown and harvested in forests managed by the Indonesian government. This forest management ensures the seeds are planted with proper soil conditions for the best growth. The trees are nurtured for the natural teak wood benefits and harvested at the peak time when the mature tree is 40 years old or more.

What Is the Difference Between Shiplap and Biscuit Joinery?

While the TechTeak® TV Lift Cabinet is described as Shiplap style because of the tight overlapping wood panels, we use Biscuit joinery for better water resistance. The Biscuit joinery on the flat top lid of the cabinet, combined with sealant, prevents moisture from getting inside of the TV lift cabinet.

Comparison of shiplap joinery and biscuit joinery

How Do I Care for the TechTeak® Plantation Teak TV Cabinet?

We finish the TechTeak® Plantation Teak Outdoor TV Lift Cabinet with “Teak-Shield” at our factory. This non-oil finish prevents stains and mildew, while eliminating moisture absorption. “Teak Shield” allows the natural patina color to last, protecting the wood without adding a finish color.

We recommend that you re-apply “Teak Shield” as regular maintenance to protect your TechTeak® Cabinet from mildew and stains from food and drink. Simple re-applications will help to retain the natural beauty of the teak wood.

Touchstone TechTeak Outdoor TV Lift Cabinet side view on patio

Should I Use an Outdoor Furniture Cover?

Just as you would cover outdoor furniture when it is not in use, we recommend using a cover as extra protection against the elements. As a special bonus, The TechTeak® Outdoor TV Lift Cabinet ships with a high-end cabinet cover. This waterproof, weather-resistant cover is made with 600D Oxford Fabric, anti-UV coating, and PVC Coating.

Hidden TV Technology in a Sustainably Sourced Wood Cabinet

The powerful SRV Pro TV Lift Mechanism lifts and lowers your TV into the well-built teak wood cabinet.

Touchstone TechTeak Outdoor TV Lift Cabinet animated gif showing the TV lift raising and lowering a flat screen TV