Touchstone Emblazon Series Wall-Length Linear Electric Fireplaces

Perfect for new building and renovations projects as an alternative to linear gas fireplaces

Emblazon Series Wall-Length Linear Fireplace Highlights:

  • Touchstone's unmatched realistic natural flame
  • Available in standard 4.2ft., 5ft., 6ft., 7.9ft. and 11.2ft. lengths
  • Perfect for new construction or renovation projects.
  • Can be custom ordered with or without heat.
  • Uses LED lights for low energy usage. Cool to the touch.
  • Affordable alternative to linear gas fireplaces in wall-length installations

Perfect for wall length installations

Touchstone's Emblazon Series Wall-Length Linear Fireplaces are designed for hotel lobbies, restaurants and conference rooms, where the impact of a room length fireplace really enhances a room's warmth and appeal. These landscape fireplaces are a perfect alternative to linear, gas fireplaces, and are ideal for new building and renovation projects. When placed in a larger room, the Emblazon Series gives the location a unique look, and has the impact of a large linear gas fireplace without the maintenance. These wall length fireplaces are available in our standard sizes of 4.2ft., 5ft., 6ft., 7.9ft. and 11.2ft. lengths. The streamlined design of the Emblazon Series gives you the versatility to add these large format electric fireplaces seamlessly in any space. Customers have installed them in large mantles, in the back of large bars and along the wall in larger dining rooms and hotel lobbies.

Ideal for building into mantles or bars

The clean design of Touchstone's wall-length fireplaces lend themselves to installations in large mantles or as built-in fireplaces in lobbies in new construction projects and renovations of hotels, restaurants and lobbies. Just like newer flatscreen TVs, these fireplaces have frameless designs for edge to edge flames, so they can fit in a mantle or built-in cabinet without much wasted space.

The most realistic flame

Touchstone customers absolutely rave about the realistic flame quality of our fireplaces. At trade shows and installs, visitors and first time users are actually nervous about putting their hands up to the artificial flame. Many ask if the flame is a gas element or if it's some form of video presentation.

Pricing available for any size

Touchstone's Emblazon Series wall length fireplaces are custom built, so contact us for pricing and we'll be able to give you a quote based on your requirements. Pricing is based on the length of fireplace you need and any heat requirements.

Product Questions and Answers:

  • What makes the Touchstone fireplaces different from other electric fireplaces? Aside from our quality service, Touchstone's realistic flame is what sets these fireplaces apart from other products.
  • What is the lead time from the day we order to when it would ship? Lead time is approximately 90 days from date of order
  • Will these larger format fireplaces provide heat? Yes, they will provide heat if you order them with a heating element. It's not standard, so you’ll need to request that feature.
  • What space will it heat? Each meter long section provides 5110 BTUs, heating up to 400 square feet.
  • What is the height and width of the fireplaces? All the Emblazon Series fireplaces are 21.5 inches tall and 5.9 inches deep.
  • Can I adjust the brightness of the flame? Yes, the Touchstone 3000 series has a light brightness adjustment feature along with a timer setting for the flame.
  • Is the flame hot? No, the flame is generated by LED lighting, so the flame surface is cool to the touch.
  • Does the price include installation? No, the price does not include installation. We provide all the instructions needed for installation. If you do require install, we can quote you on that service.
  • How do I adjust the flame? The fireplace comes with a built in control pad and remote control.

Find our more about these landscape fireplaces by calling 800-944-4237 or emailing us.

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