Alexa Built-In Fireplace Technology - Coming Soon

Introducing Touchstone’s Alexa Built-In Fireplace Technology

Touchstone will be releasing Alexa Voice Service as a built-in feature on its Elite and Infinity fireplace product families.


What is Alexa Built-in or “ABI”?

Alexa-Integrated products give users a hassle-free Alexa experience. These Touchstone fireplaces will be the Alexa device, so you don’t need to pair an Alexa compatible Touchstone fireplace with an Alexa device like an Echo Dot, Echo Show or Echo Studio to use Alexa features.

What about the fireplace?

These ABI fireplaces will be the same Touchstone Sideline Elites and Infinities that have become marketplace leaders in quality, flame display and support. Key features include:

  • The most realistic flame display 6 flame color options
  • 5 flame brightness options with “no flame” option
  • 10 ember bed color options
  • 5 ember bed color options with “no ember” option
  • 3 variable flame speeds
  • Thermostat heater support
  • 30 minute to 8 hour timer

What can the Alexa Built-in fireplace do?

Aside from delivering the most realistic and reliable electric fireplace performance, an “ABI” fireplace can work with:

  • Voice interactions - Wake up the unit by voice. Ask a Alexa a question by voice. Enjoy all the core Alexa features you get with an Echo device.
  • Control fireplace by voice - Change the flame color, update the flame speed or turn on the heat, directly by voice.
  • Crackle Sound - These new Touchstone fireplaces have a dual-speaker fire crackle sound built in. With the ABI you can turn that realistic sound on with your voice.

Will this service be available in all Touchstone fireplaces?

No. This “ABI” technology will only be available in upcoming Sideline Elites and Sideline Infinity models. This feature is not backwards compatible.

Do I need an Alexa device to use this service?

No. The Alexa is built-in. So you can command your fireplace by voice without any other hardware.

Do I need Alexa to use the fireplace?

No. You can turn off the Alexa service from your Touchstone WiFi app.