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The SlimLift™ Pro Advanced TV Lift Mechanism
The SlimLift™ Pro Advanced TV Lift MechanismFree Shipping
With a profile 3 inches thinner than a standard Whisper Lift II, the SlimLift Pro can work in many integrations, including RVs, Boats, and smaller residential installations.
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Product Description
Item #: 23101

The SlimLift™ Pro Advanced TV Lift Mechanism

Product Highlights:

  • Designed for compact installations (4.5" depth)
  • Works with Flat Screen TVs up to 48" (diagonal measure)/25" tall
  • Pro features include IR sensor & lift height memory
  • Swivel option available for expanded viewing area in any room
  • Durable steel construction for TVs up to 80 lbs.
  • Comes with a 5 year warranty

Touchstone's SlimLift™ Pro was designed to meet the needs of customers looking for a more compact, slim profile in a TV lift mechanism. With a profile 3 inches thinner than a standard Whisper Lift II, the SlimLift™ Pro can work in so many integrations, including RVs, Boats, and smaller residential installations. In RVs and boats, the SlimLift™ will fit into more shallow profile cabinets, with smaller flat screens. When installed with Touchstone's Swivel Mechanism, your flat screen is viewable at many angles. For customers looking to integrate a smaller TV into a kitchen cabinet, bathroom cabinet or compact custom cabinet, the SlimLift™ not only fits, but delivers all the professional features of the Whisper Lift II Pro.

Designed for the professional AV installer, the SlimLift™ Pro includes advanced features like lift height memory, an IR sensor for universal remotes, a 12 volt trigger connection for use with automated systems and an optional manual 60 degree swivel. (Please note the Swivel mechanism adds 2" to the depth of your install.) Just like the Whisper Lift, the SlimLift™ operates by using a single piston actuator in an enclosed system for completely safe operation with virtually zero wear and tear. The external steel casing keeps the internal parts clean of derbris and dirt, and deliveres added protection to the internal mechanism.

Similar to the Whisper Lift II, the SlimLift™ Pro can carry's its weight, supporting TVs up to 80 lbs. (Up to 55 lbs with Swivel option) The steel lift body is steady and stable, and measures 26.5" H x 11" W x 4.5" D, and ships in a 38 lb box. It lifts to its full height of 51.25" in under 25 seconds and is designed to fit flat screen TVs up to 48" (vertical measurement). Touchstone's Universal Quick Connect mounting system allows you to install any flat screen TV in minutes, and comes with a universal hardware kit to accomodate most TV brands. The SlimLift™ Pro can be purchased using Touchstone's Flat Top Lid Mount, for installs where the lid lifts up, and not on a hinge. The basic SlimLift™ includes a roller on the top of the lift to work with hinged lids. Select the Flat Top Lid as an option if this is your preferred installation.

Lift Height Memory

The SlimLift™ Pro features Touchstone's innovated motor systems which lets you program and save your favorite position for your TV. This can be based on your viewing angle in bed or from you favorite chair, or the position of your components or soundbar on your component shelf.

IR Sensor for universal remotes

The built-in IR sensor will let you use your universal remote to control the lift height of your TV, so no more requirement for a second remote for your TV lift. With Touchstone's remote repeater or component shelf, you can now control everything from one remote.

12 volt trigger support for automation

A 12 volt trigger allows the your system, upon power up and down, to automatically drop or raise your SlimLift™ Pro. Most lift systems require a 12 volt trigger interface option, which can cost an extra couple hundred dollars or more. You'll need to make sure your video system has a 12 volt trigger to use this feature.

Swivel system (Optional)

The optional swivel feature lets you view your SlimLift™ Pro mounted flat screen from more angles in our bedroom, living room or family room. Do you have a separated dining and living area in your mobile home or kitchent? Well you can now turn your TV towards that sitting area. Touchstone's swivel also has a safetly feature, where the lift will not go down unless the TV is back in the "home" position". Please note the Swivel mechanism adds 2" to the depth of your install.

SlimLift PRO Dimensional Drawing

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SlimLift™ PRO Advanced Swivel TV Lift Specifications:

  • Lift raises quickly to the full height of 51.25" in less than 25 seconds
  • Retracted size measures 26.5" H x 11" W x 4.5" D (Including TV mount brackets, does not include TV depth)
  • Holds televisions up to 80 lbs. (55 with optional swivel)
  • Durable Steel Construction with 24 V Motor makes operation quiet and reliable
  • Single actuator in an enclosed steel casing reduces wear and tear, enhances safe operation, and keeps the lift clean and free of dirt and debris
  • Modular design allows for internal components to be easily replaced in just minutes
  • Universal Quick Connect system for mounting TV to lift is easy to use and install
  • Hardware kit includes all necessary bolts and screws and is compatible with most flat panel TV in the market today
  • Includes wireless 1 RF remote control and a wired handset control
  • 12v trigger for use with automated systems
  • IR sensor for pairing with universal remote controls
  • Manual swivel bracket with locking TV brackets.
  • Ability to set lift height, so the lift stops at the same spot every time
  • Includes worry free 5 Year Warranty

  • Dimensions:
    • Retracted Dimensions: 26.5" H x 11" W x 4.5" D
    • Full Extension Dimensions: 51.25 H x 11" W x 4.5" D
    • Unit Weight: 41.9 lbs

  • Shipping Dimensions:
    • Box Dimensions: 28" H x 12.6" W x 8.7" D
    • Shipping Weight: 44.3 lbs.

Add-On Component Shelf

Optionally, you can upgrade the SlimLift™ PRO TV Lift with our add-on component shelf to store your cable box, game system, DVD player, and other components for only $89. The add-on component shelf attaches to the TV lift system directly below the flat screen TV and raises or lowers into the cabinet along with you TV when remotely activated. The shelf provides an area of 16" W x 9" D on both the left and right side to fit a wide variety of multimedia components. Just select the add-on component shelf option when placing your order.

Not Just For TVs

The SilmLift Pro's slender profile makes it easy to install inside of a kitchen cabinet. Used in the dropdown application, the SlimLift Pro keeps small appliances within easy reach. In this video, the SlimLift Pro motorized lift raises and lowers a heavy KitchenAid® electric mixer with ease. Learn more.

Watch the Touchstone Whisper Lift II motorized lift in action in the kitchen.

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